What’s the Best Type of Sod for Your Yard in Atlanta

Sod for Your Yard

If you have a lawn in your home that appears worn out, patchy, or simply dying, probably you may be thinking of replacing it. Some homeowners consider reseeding their yards, while others choose to lay a new layer of sod.

Compared to a reseeded lawn, sod offers a plethora of benefits, since its installation would be in the best health, and sown closely to limit infiltration of weed.

The only drawback is that it costs much more and takes some hard work for installation. It is important that you make the right choice for your sod.

You should evaluate the climate and the particular functions and conditions of your yard. The next step is to find reliable sod farms in Georgia that can help you make a well-informed decision.

For sure, there is nothing more unattractive than patchy and brown lawn in Atlanta.

If you have made a wise decision to replace the sod in your home and enhance the curb appeal of your home, just ensure that you choose the right type of sod for your yard in Atlanta.

How to Choose the Best Sod from Sod farms in Georgia

When choosing sod in Atlanta, you have to consider the climate. Growing sod in Atlanta or maintaining one requires a lot of attention.

Atlanta’s climate is a humid subtropical one with very hot summers and mild winters.

Consider the Amount of Sunlight

Each sod type has its requirements. If you do not have a shady spot in your yard, you would want to consider this before choosing the sod type. If the entire yard were shaded, you would need a different sod type. The same goes for an area under full sunlight exposure.

Foot Traffic

A factor that most property owners neglect is foot traffic. If you have pet and children, you would know that they run around your yard constantly.

As such, you should choose the sod type that will withstand high traffic.

An example of such grass is Bermuda grass, suitable for high traffic areas. It is sturdy and has a quality of self-repair.

The Requirements of Water

Keeping the rainfall aspect aside, over the past years, water restrictions have increased. In your Atlanta yard, you should consider the rain that your yard gets, as well as the potential restrictions of water in your area. You should consider this before choosing the sod.

The Layout of the Yard

You should also consider the yard layout. If you are having multiple garden beds, note that choosing a sod type means it should be one that grows slowly and doesn’t overpower your garden beds. You should also consider testing the soil before laying the new sod. Take a sample of the soil to determine the full condition of it.

The Best Types of Sods for Yards in Atlanta

Atlanta’s climate works best with warm-season grasses since they thrive well in high summer temperatures in Southeast. When planning to grow sod in your yard, here are some famous types you should consider.

Zoysia Sod

This has a gorgeous deep green color and has the power to handle high amounts of foot traffic, but it could be invasive. The common types include Meyer, emerald, zeon, and ja’mur. You should consider consulting Atlanta Sod Farms and similar professionals to determine the type that would work best for your yard.

Centipede Sod

Another good choice is centipede sod since it offers low maintenance. It can handle high and shady temperatures. Compared to other types of grass, it grows relatively slower, meaning it will mix well with garden beds.

Fescue Sod

You should know that fescue sod stands out as a versatile option in sod. It can handle cool weather and does well with high temperatures if it receives watering often. This turf likes a lot of shade, so you should keep this in mind when choosing the sod.

Bermuda Sod

The most common type of sod in Atlanta is the Bermuda grass, and definitely for a good reason. It is sturdy and cold or drought resistant. This type of grass is not really a fan of shade, so you should keep this in mind if the larger areas of your yard have shades.

If you are not sure of the type of sod suitable for your yard, you should seek the help of a professional company who would give you their input and advice you better. You should consult an expert who would be able to save you from the chances of making mistakes and choosing a poor quality sod for your yard.

There are other types of sod as well; you should just make sure that you research well on your own as well to make a well-informed decision. Visit sod farms in Georgia and check the best types that your yard.


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