Which Kratom Strains Are Good For Mood?

Kratom Strains Are Good For Mood

A rough patch in our lives will leave us yearning for the tiniest bit of relief. And a significant number of people would look for therapies to tackle the rage that comes with a bad mood. One way to do so is to consume a Kratom strain. But how would one know which Kratom strain to use for uplifting the mood?

How do Kratom strains improve a mood?

Kratom strains are different in their chemical structure compared to opiates but are able to produce similar effects like them, especially at high doses.

Alkaloids are the principal components that are found in Kratom. Out of which, Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, and Hydroxymitraginine have been reported to be the most significant.

These molecules cross the blood-brain barrier to attach to opiate receptors and help in the release of mood-enhancing hormones (dopamine, serotonin).

Consumption of Kratom strains is always dosage specific, and we recommend beginners to experiment with dosages to know which dose suits best to them.

How to start searching for mood-enhancing Kratom strains?

There are a wide range of varieties of Kratom strains available in the market, which may confuse an amateur buyer. Moreover, every consumer may have a different response towards a specific kratom strain.

Hence, we have gathered 7 best mood-enhancing kratom strains to choose from.

 1.  Green Malay

This Kratom strain is fairly easy to distinguish from other strains due to its basic green color. Popular among Kratom consumers, green Malay is known to survive high moisture and impurities.

The potency of green Malay is inarguably high and produces a greater effect compared to other strains, at similar dosages. It is therefore advised to test which dosage achieves mood enhancement for you.

  1. White Bali Kratom

Don’t get mistaken, white Bali did not originate from Bali, Indonesia and in fact, the true origins of white Bali are still unknown. White Bali Kratom is increasingly used for its mood uplifting properties and for counteracting social anxiety.

But, white Bali Kratom may not be the appropriate choice for severe depression. On the other hand, white Bali is widely known to portray positive results for those struggling with focus, as people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Tolerance has been reported with White Bali Kratom but one way to avoid this is to consume the strain with breaks in between. Another way is to cycle different types of Kratom strains and not just rely on White Bali alone.

  1. White Maeng Da

Originating from Thailand, Maeng da is the best of all the subtypes. Several varieties exist but here we will discuss white Maeng Da Kratom strain. As the name suggests, this Kratom strain is easily distinguishable from other Maengda varieties due to its white color. Mood lifting effects of this strain are popular among Kratom consumers.

The duration of effects for White Maeng Da varies considerably among users. Most people can feel the effects within 10-15 minutes of intake, others may experience it within 10 minutes.

It is a known fact that each Kratom strain has its own set of side effects. The most dangerous effect of White Maeng Da is addiction. The most widely reported symptom of addiction is a headache. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the dosage per intake as low as possible.

  1. White Vein Kali

This Kratom strain is named after Kalimantan which is the Indonesian part of Borneo. It grows in the ancient rainforests alongside the banks of Kalimantan Rivers. White Vein Kali earned its standing in the market due to its profound effects on mood enhancement.

Kratom strains are dosage specific and inaccurate dosage may produce unwanted effects. But such is not the case with White Vein Kali as its effects are often stable and well-controlled by its users.

As for every Kratom strain, consumers must be aware of the effects produced by the strain.  White Vein Kali has been documented to produce 67% mood-enhancing effects.

  1. Green Hulu Kapuas

The Hulu forests located near the Island of Borneo is home to the Green Hulu Kapuas strain of Kratom. The fields of Hulu Kapuas are often prone to floods and hence they are rare compared to other Kratom strains.

Harvesting of the Green Hulu Kapuas is painstaking compared to other strains of Kratom. A short lifespan of 1-5 years is a drawback that leads to the short supply of Green Hulu Kapuas. The starting dose is usually 2 grams and can be increased according to requirement.

These strains are specifically employed in the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and enhancement of mood. The effects produced are fairly mild with a low risk of addiction and tolerance.

  1. White Borneo

The strongest of the Borneo family, White Borneo is a native to the island of Borneo. A plethora of strains is harvested in the fertile lands of Borneo and shipped to multiple parts of the world. Out of which, White Borneo is in high demand among kratom consumers.

White Borneo is reported to be stronger than Maeng da strain too. Around 7-8 grams are enough to produce a mood-enhancing effect. Sedation can ensue and hence White Borneo should be consumed in the evening.

Users of this strain recommend consuming it for enhancing mood and improving focus. It is important to note that dosages must be experimented to avoid negative outcomes.

  1. White Horn Kratom

The name of this Kratom strain is attributed to the horn-like edges of the leaf. White strains of kratom do not produce significant sedation, which may be even less for white horn kratom.

Due to its diminished sedation effect, White Horn kratom could safely be used when you have to get some work done without losing focus. As far as dosages are concerned, the effects of kratom strains are different in different individuals at specific dosages. Beginner dose is commonly 2 grams for white horn kratom.

Personal factors such as weight, diet, and age can all have an effect on the potency of the strain. It is therefore suggested to keep these factors in mind when working your way up the dosage scale.


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