Why Online Math Tutoring Is Hard to Do?

Why Online Math Tutoring Is Hard to Do

A student who does not have a good foundation in math concepts may experience difficulties understanding more complex math concepts. Teachers recommend tutoring in math for students preparing for exams. But all weak students at any level should enroll in tutoring to fully understand the math concept. Online Math class Tutoring is a challenge to many people. We will review some of the reasons why that is so.

Reasons why online math tutoring is hard

Technology advancement has made it possible for students to learn online. But online math tutor poses many challenges. The principal challenge is communication. In any of the challenges below, communication has an impact on it. Below are some of the challenges online math’s teacher’s face;

  1. Set-up and online class planning

Things that make Online Math class Tutoring learning stressful can make the student lose interest in the online class. The setting up of the online class scenario includes ensuring checking the network and monitoring it to ensure it is up and running all the time. Students should also be able to access any relevant information that the tutors recommend. Some students may cancel the online tutoring because of such a hurdle in setting up the online math tutoring platform.

  1. Visual explanations

In most cases, online tutors may have the best set up for online tutoring. Chat limitations are a big challenge in online tutoring. The video chats are more appropriate. Many students face challenges in using the video finder to showcase their work to online tutors. They may result in verbal communication with the tutor. For students facing challenges in the subject, they may not effectively communicate with the tutor. That affects how much progress they achieve in learning.

  1. Acquiring books and other learning materials

Both tutors and the students need to have the same learning materials. For long term learning situation, the tutor buying the resources may not be a challenge since the tutor will get value for the money in the long run. But the content keeps changing, and it may be a bit costly for tutors to buy, download the latest edition, or rent the books from the library.

  1. Content development

Online Math class Tutoring cater for various grades. The curriculum is also different depending on the education system of the pupils. In some cases, the math tutors may be too busy to have custom tutoring content for the individual. Different students have different needs. For online tutors, they may fail to consider that aspect especially, when handling students at the same grade.

  1. Training and assessment

Though online tutors do it from home or office, they still need to validate the content, analyze the quality of their content and proofread various aspects of the math topic before they do online tutoring. That requires time and financial resources. Tutors and students also need proper training on handling online learning. Technical difficulties and how to sort them are some of the training procedures that both the tutors and students need to undergo. Various platforms offer tutors and students some training to make online learning easy.

  1. Distractions and lack of commitment

A student may not fully control distractions during online tutoring. An in-person learning module is better since the distraction occurs to both the tutor and the student. They can pause or agree on a way forward. But for online tutoring, in case it happens, it affects the level of concentration, and a student may miss out on concepts that make it easier to understand a topic. Tutors may also be distracted, and that affects online learning too. Commitment on the part of students is vital for online learning. Freelancer online math tutors also need to commit to their clients for smooth tutoring. But they sometimes fail to show up for online learning or give excuses of challenge in technology. That inconveniences and derails the learners learning progress.

Making online math tutoring easier

Having math tutoring resources available and proper communication with the tutor online will help improve this learning module. Student engagement and reliable technology to avoid disruptions will also ensure hustle-free learning. One should also consider tutor training, experience, and commitment. Interviews to access the online tutoring capabilities can help to ensure the tutor is competent.

Online Math class Tutoring offer more support to a student as compared to in-person teachers. Here are some of the benefits of getting an online tutor;

  • Convenience since one can schedule time, location, and duration of the study
  • Digital notes that one can refer to anytime are readily available
  • Flexibility since the tutors can work remotely and at anytime
  • More options to choose from since there are many online tutors available.

Online math tutoring helps students improve in the subject. To identify a professional online math tutor, one should consider the following qualities;

  • Knowledgeable and expertise
  • Good reputation and professionalism
  • Positivity, patience, and encouragement
  • Resourcefulness
  • Proficiency in technology
  • Good assessment skills to determine the needs of the student.


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