Why We Celebrate Friendship Day? Know All About Friendship Day, 4 August 2019

Celebrate Friendship Day 4 August 2019
Celebrate Friendship Day 4 August 2019

Friendship Day, a day to designate to your beloved friends. Let us figure out all about this special day.

In the US, we celebrate Friendship Day on the very first Sunday of August.

The arrival of August brings Friendship Day happiness. We heartily devote this day to our lifelines, secret keepers, support, shelter, and the ones who own our everything, our loyal friends.

No doubt, without friends, life is nothing. However, solely one loyal friend can spark your life with immense happiness and can take care of your heart and dignity.

History of Friendship Day

It all started in1935 when the United States Congress designated the first Sunday of August to celebrate as Friendship Day in the US.

This day was devoted to Friends as they are the lifelines and essential part of us. So, to express our love to them, till now, we kept celebrating the first Sunday of August, every year.

With the passage of time, many other countries adopted this annual tradition and began celebrating Friendship Day, every year. Hence, until now, Friendship Day ranks the top in celebrations.

Moreover, in 1997, Nane Annan, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s wife declared Winnie-the Pooh, fictional character, the Leddy Bear as the Ambassador of friendship, in the United Nations.

What to Do on Friendship Day?

No matter, how much strength we have, at every step of life, we need at least a person to stay by our side, stand for us, and with us to hold us and don’t let us lose our hopes. That one is none other than a loyal friend.

So, there must be a day to shower love on our friends and thank them for being in our life.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, such a quote which proved to be hell true nowadays, or may the people have implied this as a golden rule in their lives to prohibit so-called friendships. So, nowadays, it’s rare to have plenty of good and loyal friends.

In this era, where everyone is concerned about his own self, there’s surely at least one person who stays loyal to you and love you unconditionally, and that is your friend which you call as your Bestie or Bestfriend.

So, if you have such good friends that keep your life mesmerized and sparkling or only a best friend who means a world to you, let them know, how much you love them by wishing them Friendship Day on 4 August 2019.

Go and shower your love and utter such words which will fill their heart full of delight, and eyes with tears of happiness.

I will suggest you not to google friendship quotes, instead, try expressing your feelings in your own words. No matter, if you are good at verbally expressing your self or not,  you should try to show a reflection of your heart by uttering pure words to your friends expressing how much they really mean to you and how much blessed you are to have them in your life.

Live is really short, don’t hide behind a cloak. Open up and celebrate Friendship Day with your friends that are the disguised forms of bliss in your lives.

You can also present your friends, some gifts, but make sure they’re hand made such as cards or bands.


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