Wi-Fi Extenders To Actually Fix Your Internet Issues


Imagine getting a wireless internet service only to sit right next to the router for good connectivity. Isn’t that worse than cord connection?  Wi-Fi___33 devices have been a blessing as they allow for network coverage without the ordeal of moving cables around.  However, for most routers connectivity weakens as you move away from them. This is when Wi-Fi extenders come into play! 

What Can an Extender Do For You? 

First of all, it would take care of the buffering issues you have when seated away from the primary router. I suggest you to buy compatible router.  If you use firestick for most of your day then you need best router for Firestick. 

Once an extender is connected to the router, it helps to “extend” internet signals over a larger area.

Note! The connection of the extender to the router is wired. Wireless extenders are known as Wi-Fi repeaters. 

Basically, it would help the signals get past wall blockage, obstruction by furniture, or a longer distance to help you get rid of dead zones. 

Now some of you might have confusion that we are going to answer RIGHT BELOW! 

Isn’t WiFi Extender The Same As Repeater or WiFi Booster? 

Do all these devices increase the range and strength of WiFi signals? YES.  

Do they work the same way? Not at all!

As we have mentioned before in our guide, Access point vs WiFi extenders, type of connectivity decides which type of device we are talking about. 

WiFi extenders are typically connected to the primary router via an Ethernet cord or cable. This solid linkage helps to eliminate distortions and interference. 

WiFi repeaters, on the other hand, connect wirelessly to the router. Although it does re-broadcast the signals, in the same way, the chances that available bandwidth will be reduced are higher. 

Important! Wi-Fi Booster is just a name given collectively to both the kind of devices, repeaters, and extenders. 

Here’s Why We Think You Need Wi-Fi Extender! 

These devices are best to consider when you are living in a multi-story house. When the router is installed on the ground floor, connectivity in the basement or second floor is always an issue. 

In such an instance, you can smartly add an extender at a spot “vertically” closer to the router. This would take care of the dead zone present on other floors. 

Another important situation in which WiFi extenders are useful is when multiple users are on the same network. 

Internet connection often slows down when there are many devices connected leading to a slower loading time full of lags and interruptions. 

WiFi extender can be the exact solution you were looking for! However, we would recommend you always buy the latest versions. 

Newer WiFi extenders are equipped with dual-band technology that is more efficient in getting signals across larger distances. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are using Wi-Fi extender for one reason on another, it can lend a huge helping hand in fixing your sluggish internet. 

Remember that the spot you choose for the extender matters a lot. Therefore, smartly place the device at a location that caters to maximum dead zones. 



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