World War Z: Sales of One million copies in the first week

World War Z

As you know, about a third-person shooter video game World War Z. It released on 16 April 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Saber Interactive got unexpected success for World War Z.

Can you imagine, one million copies sold out in the first week?
Yes World War Z shooter game has sold out over a million copies in the first week.
In the United States and the UK in both countries, the sale rate remained strong and the same.

The Game is available on three to four platforms, and we had 70,000 concurrent users across all platforms. Moreover, not only in the US, even outside of the United States, the game got outstanding results that was more surprising things.

More Information about World War Z

World War Z is a fantastic team video game. The idea was taken from the Brad Pitt film, and many locations and story plots from the film were made. One of unexpected results of selling the One million copies in the first week is that new weapons are used in World War Z that have better magazines.

Well, you can unlock the weapons when you start each mission. Furthermore, some mini guns are also used and electric traps placed on the floor. World War Z is a best zombie game, and you don’t know what is going to happen now. The amazing level unlock in this third-person shooter video game. Stay tuned with us for the more latest news.


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