10 Best Job Posting Sites


Recruitment is a critical part of your business but reaching out to the talent that matches your requirements is a strenuous task. Fortunately, we have numerous job posting sites that make the process more efficient and streamlined by connecting you with the best candidates for your open positions.

Job posting sites boast different features and capabilities that help recruiters and employers find perfect employees. An ideal job board aids the process even further by using intelligent recruiting software, company branding services, and sponsored job posts. 

Here, we have listed our top picks of the best job posting sites for employers.

Top 10 Job Posting Sites for Recruiters


Talentprise is one of the best job posting sites for employers. This well-resourced job board leverages the power of advanced AI tools to help you find the right talent for your company. 

When you define your ideal candidate persona on Talentprise, it recommends the top matching resources to hire. Recruitment and Resume screening are no longer challenging with Talentprise’s “AI Headhunting“, which provides valuable sourcing tools for employers.

Some of the great features of Talentprise include:


  • AI headhunter
  • Pre-assessed soft skills
  • Talent ranking
  • AI-based resume parsing
  • Capability-based ranking system
  • Quality-based talent badges


CareerBuilder offers an engaging platform for both employers and job seekers. It allows recruiters to define their hiring standards and maintain them throughout their recruitment process. Moreover, CareerBuilder offers features to employers to stay competitive by letting them know what compensations other businesses are offering for similar job posts. 

Some key features of CareerBuilder include:

  • AI job posting tools
  • Targeted emails to candidates
  • Resume match notifications
  • AI recommendations to enhance job postings outcomes
  • Email alerts when applicants apply to positions


Indeed, is a popular job posting site that provides plenty of innovative resources to stand out in the crowd to potential employers. Besides offering free job posts, Indeed helps recruiters by enabling virtual interviews and allowing the assessment of applicants’ skills with the help of skill assessments. In addition, featured employers can create branded advertisements for their job posts to reach qualified candidates. To top it, Indeed’s ready-to-use skills test will help you narrow down the list of best candidates.

Some of the key features of Indeed are;

  • Indeed Hiring Platform
  • Indeed Skill Assessment test
  • Targeted Branded Ads feature
  • Sponsored job posting
  • Featured Employer feature.
  • Job Market Insights feature


ZipRecruiter is one of the best job posting sites that features a database of 30 million job applicants in a month. With customized plans, businesses can choose plans tailored to their business size and needs. Moreover, with easy-to-use customized templates and time-saving screening questions, employers can easily and successfully go through their recruitment processes. ZipRecruiter also expands its outreach by sending jobs to 100+ job sites to attract a flock of deserving candidates.

Some key features of ZipRecruiter are;

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • AI-powered proactive reach to candidates
  • Access to the resume database
  • Traffic Boost for urgent jobs
  • Easy integration with your external ATS.
  • Screening Questions


LinkedIn is another famous social media job posting site that suits the best executive and upper management positions. The easier and quick connection-building feature of LinkedIn helps recruiters easily connect with potential employees. Moreover, LinkedIn boasts innovative features to ease the recruitment process, such as advanced search filters, an applicant tracking system (ATS), matching alerts, and a company career page.

Some valuable features of LinkedIn include;

  • Screening questions
  • Candidate rating
  • Targeted Job Posting
  • Flexible job management
  • Candidate matching
  • Job description templates


Ladders is also one of the best platforms to post jobs and source candidates. The service promotes new job posts for eight weeks, which means your job will remain on top of the search results during this period. This promotion of your job posts will increase its visibility, saving your time. During this promotional period, employers can adjust and edit their job post details to get connected to professional and experienced candidates. 

Some advanced features of Ladder include;

  • Promoted Job Posts
  • Direct candidate information 
  • Send direct emails from the platform
  • Custom Folders to make candidate groups
  • Tap2Call is available on the mobile device
  • Advanced searching, filtering, and Live Support


Dribbble is another great platform for recruiters to post jobs. The service showcases professional portfolios which makes it a perfect site for recruiting designers and creatives. From animators to graphic designers, every visual artist can post a sample or a complete portfolio which aids recruiters in finding potential candidates. Employers can post a single job on a job board or can access designer profiles and portfolios using specific search filters and direct messaging features.

Dribbble boasts the following features;

  • Preview “shots” of professional portfolios
  • Employers may post a freelance project without any cost
  • Large design community
  • Bundling options available


Handshake is another great matchmaking platform for both job seekers and employers. It is the best platform for part-timers and college students as its mobile platform can connect them to global companies. Handshake helps students create tempting profiles and get personalized job recommendations, and can submit job and internship applications directly from the app. 

  • A centralized dashboard for users
  • Accessible from a mobile device
  • Interview scheduling via phone, email, or text
  • Tools to track and analyze all applications
  • Integration APIs

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a popular and convenient contractor hiring platform. Besides offering a free job posting platform, Hubstaff Talent also helps employers after the contractors have been hired by offering time-tracking tools and several options to pay the staff.

Hubstaff exhibits the following features;

  • Free job posting
  • Multiple staff payment options
  • Hubstaff time tracking
  • Hubstaff Talent directory of agencies and freelancers
  • Direct communication with job seekers
  • Hubstaff Talent job syndication


Monster is one of the best job posting sites which has been connecting employers and employers since 1994. The service boasts 9.8 million monthly visitors worldwide. Monster leverages advanced technologies to offer customized solutions to recruiters,

The special features of Monster include;

  • Job Alerts
  • Salary directory
  • Job description videos by recruiters
  • Truste stamp of approval
  • Job fit scoring
  • Skill Assessment test

Final Words

Hiring and recruitment processes can be seamlessly done with the help of some of the best job posting sites mentioned here. To make informed decisions, it is vital to consider the size and niche of your company as well as take your budget and type of job opening into account.


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