Inspirational Braided Hairstyles


The good thing about braided hairstyles is that they can step in for the bad hair days and when you feel like your hair is not cooperating with a certain hairstyle that you want. Braids can be fit for different styles and looks; if you want them professional, you can ensure they are very neat. You can do your braids if you have the required skills, or an expert can do it.

It would be best to have a photo of what you are looking to act as a guide or demonstration if someone else is doing your braids. Braiding options are so many, so you can always find something that works for you or explore the different options until you find the perfect one. Below are some ideas for braided hairstyles that can serve as inspiration.

  1. A Mega Braided Pancake

This idea can be described as boosted French braided hairstyles. The voluminous braid runs from the front to the back of the head. For this idea, you should not have the braid done very tightly.

 Having the braid a bit loose makes it bouncy and voluminous so that you do not have hair on the scalp level. This idea is perfect for those with long hair because the braid should run from the front of your head all the way to your back. If your hair is short, you can have this braid but tuck it at the point your hair connects to the neck. This way, people won’t be able to tell how long your hair is. The braid should be preferably large since it involves tucking all the hair on the head into a single braid.


2. Festival French Braids

They are perfect braiding for casual events. They also scream that someone is on a break from their normal working routine and have the chance to play with their hair.

To come up with this idea, you must divide your hair into parts, each on every part of the head, and do the French braid on both sections.


3. The Twisted Fishtail

As the name suggests, this idea focuses on the hair on the back close to the neck. This braiding idea may appear a bit complex, but you will realize that it is not once you master the basics of coming up with it.

To begin, take two huge sections of hair from the two sides of your head. Proceed to carefully come up with an inverted ponytail for the two sections of hair.

Once you complete braiding each section, proceed to gather the hair together to come up with the fishtail from the nape of your neck.

4. Diagonal Dutch Braid

Most people understand the normal Dutch braid, but having it diagonal is a unique braiding style. The unique thing about this braiding idea is the diagonal rather than the usual vertical braiding direction.

You can tug the braid to make your hair appear fuller on the head and get a voluminous braid. You can also do the braid tight if you are not interested in having your hair appear voluminous.

5. Wide Braided Crown

You can rock like a queen with this braided hair idea. It is using your hair to braid a crown around your head. This hairstyle idea is perfect if you have naturally thick hair.

You can use mousse or shampoo to get an extra grip to make the crown more voluminous. For this braiding idea, it would be best if you get it done by an expert to ensure that there is the required grip on all corners of the head for the perfect braid crown.

6. A Braided Bump Bun

A bump bun is a perfect idea if you want to boost the volume of your hair. Have your hair sectioned in thick or thin sections as you would love the braids to be. Get the braided hair and all the rest of the hair secured into one low bun to finish the styling.

7. Waterfall Zigzag Braids

This braiding idea is all about creativity. The waterfalls are created by dropping the braiding diagonally along the way as you braid the French braid. The diagonal movements make the braiding appear zigzag, and this idea will definitely turn heads.



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