4 Eco-friendly improvements to upgrade your yacht

upgrade your yacht

The modern leisure boating industry is extremely keen on treating the natural environment with respect. After all, a beautiful and clean seascape, full of healthy fish and litter-free beaches is a crucial part of an enjoyable boating experience – and in the last 10 years, we’ve seen a plethora of changes in that direction especially upgrade your yacht charter.

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Onboard Power

One essential need aboard a yacht or is the ability to power the accessories that provide the same comfort of being on dry land. These include but are not limited to televisions, lights, appliances, and many more necessities for comfortable travel and docking. Interestingly, these have been powered in much the same way as electrical accessories in cars – which is by the main engine of the vehicle.However, the quest to reduce fuel consumption on boats has harboured a need to figure out a better and greener way to operate those comforts. 

One great option is using solar energy to harness the power needed from a natural source – sunlight. Considering that bright sunshine is a very popular reason to be at sea in the first place, solar panels are an obvious solution. The market is also showing that solar is in fact, a very realistic option. Hence, boat construction is taking note.

Solar panels are placed on the roof and connected to marine battery systems below deck. These power everything except the movement of the boat. This brings us to our next point.

Where there is demand, supply will inevitably follow. This is definitely the case when it comes to eco-friendly boating accessories. Solar products have gained a great deal of popularity and now range from relatively traditional panels for topping up your batteries to self-sufficient accessories like internal and external lights, active vents and phone and radio chargers.

Add a water turbine

Solar power has improved dramatically in recent years, however it still takes time to pack charge back to upgrade your yacht while under way. A great solution for fast charging while on passage is to add a water turbine. In fact, this is fast becoming the go-to technology, sacrificing a small amount of boat speed for a lot of amps.

Power management

Generating green power is pointless if the batteries that are storing it are not efficient. So making a plan of how much power you use should be the first step in any power refit plan. Sophisticated battery monitoring means it’s now easy to record what uses what.

There is no universal answer as to which battery is ‘best.’ As a general rule, smaller yachts with lower draw tend to have Absorbed Glass Matt batteries, while those with high draw appliances increasingly use lithium-based technology.

Boat Cleanliness

When thinking about boat maintenance, looking into environmentally friendly cleaning products will always be an upgrade from those you previously used. Boats require regular cleaning – especially saltwater boats. As strange as it might sound, using inappropriate products when cleaning can be a big source of pollution. This is because the use of chemical products can form clouds and spills of pollutants, that will go directly in the water or in the air.

If you have to clean your boat, it might not even be necessary to use detergents, but you can simply use huge tanks of fresh water, and a few handy sponges. 

However, if you wish to do things the right way, there are plenty of green and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional detergentes, which are perfect for cleaning your boat. Just look for items that are non-toxic and water-based. 


While there are a great many ingenious new products around that allow you to care for the environment while simultaneously protecting your wallet, the really big changes involve your own mindset as a skipper. If you keep your boat and engine in good condition and ensure that you are educated to drive it with sensitivity and expertise, you will be as close to a champion of the green powerboating paradox as anyone could reasonably expect.


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