4 Ways to Make Your Event Memorable

Event Memorable

When you are throwing an important event, ensuring that you will have memories to remember the event by can feel just as important as planning it out itself. There are many ways to document your important moments. Consider the ideas below when you are planning your next big occasion.

Take Video

By documenting your event through video, you will be able to see fragments of your event similarly to how it was experienced live. You can offer guests opportunities to contribute to your video documentation by providing them with opportunities to compile personal videos and send them to a designated email for later editing. You also can elect a guest or hire a professional to obtain video documentation itself. For a unique view of your event, consider incorporating the use of a drone such as the Mavic Air. Video obtained via drone allows you to view the event in its entirety from an angle otherwise not experienced. It provides a great opportunity to get an impressive view of the event venue itself.

Guest Photo Booths

There are many vendors that provide on-site photo booth services. Many of these photo booth services provide professional photographers alongside an interesting backdrop with many fun props. By providing a photo booth for your guests, you offer event-goers an opportunity to take fun photos with friends. Many photo booth services upload obtained photos to a secured link that allow guests to access photos online from home, making it easy for attendees to save photos from the event.

Create a Scrapbook

Collect the photos gathered and compile them together in a scrapbook. The act of scrapbooking itself can be a fun activity for you and your partner alongside other family members. Scrapbooks can also incorporate mementos from the event itself, such as personalized napkins and dried and pressed flowers. Alternately, you can turn these precious memories into a photo book to make them last longer. Online photo book creators like Printed Memories will help you create a personalized photo book in just one click

Make a Guestbook

Place a guestbook at your event for attendees to sign. Make sure that you have someone who either is standing by the guestbook itself or checks up on it regularly. Provide a writing utensil so that guests can sign the book itself. By the end of the event, you should have a guestbook that is filled with various memories and quotes from attendees. This provides your guests with a great opportunity to scrawl a personalized note about the event in addition to giving you a fun source of memories that can be read through later. (xclusivepop.com)

With the right tools and with some creativity, you can ensure that your event will be documented and remembered for years to come.


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