5 Design Methods to Make Your Folded Business Card Pop


With the competition ever-increasing for businesses, entrepreneurs are finding ways to stay ahead of their competitors. They want to do effective promotion of their products or services without breaking their bank. This is where folded business cards continue to create a good impression about your brand in the minds of your potential customers. Have a look at the designing methods that will help you to make your folded business card pop in a better way.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, avoid using clip art in your business card because it looks unsophisticated, thus damaging your brand image. Then, you need to make your foldable card stand out with stunning design techniques and finishes. Here is how: 

  1. Spot UV and varnish finishes

These days, you will find some of the best finishing methods for foldable cards. If you choose spot UV, you can highlight the various parts of the design like text, logo, and design components. 

Another popular design finish is the varnish. You may choose silk, gloss, and even matte to seal the card paper and make it durable. Matt or gloss varnish finish will help in creating texture, visual appeal, as well as improve the color and complete effect of your foldable card. 

  1. Folding techniques

When it comes to business card folding techniques, you can use concertina, single, and double for your business card. To be candid, these methods are extremely popular for designing marketing collaterals. Folds give your card a one-off look and offer additional space to accommodate your business details, logo, tagline, and things like that. 

  1. Foil stamping 

Would like to add a touch of sophistication to your folded business cards? If yes, foil stamping is your best bet to improve the look and feel of your brand logo and business message. Foil stamping is a heat-processed finish that is included in different parts of your card design to build stunning contrast. The commonly used foil colors are silver and gold; however, you can also use other eye-catching colors. 

  1. Die-cut

As far as die-cut methods are concerned, it is extremely impactful, includes designs and shapes out the card paper with a die. These days, you can design business cards with a custom die-cut shape and not the boring rectangular shapes used in the old days. 

We recommend that you choose die-cuts for tweaking the shape of your folded card for making it look attractive. You can opt for pattern cuts or rounded edges to make your business card stand out from the rest. 

  1. Embossing and de-bossing 

When it comes to embossing or de-bossing design or finishing methods, they are perfect ways to include a tangible component to your business card. Embossing involves the use of heat pressing to attain an elevated three-dimensional impact to make your foldable business card pop. It also helps in adding emphasis and texture to the card. 

De-bossing or letterpress is just the reverse of embossing. It means making the text inward to add more depth to your foldable card for making your brand logo stick out from the rest. 

Final thoughts

Always design quality business cards to create the first good impression in the minds of your customers. Keep these tips in mind to make your folded business card pop. 


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