5 Features to Look Out for While Shopping for Watches for Men

Features for Watches for Men

Watches are undoubtedly one of the most classy accessories for men. It is believed that men usually have limited choices when it comes to clothes and accessories. But when it comes to wristwatches, they’re truly spoilt for choice. Let’s see 5 features to look out for while shopping for watches for men.

Everyone has their own taste according to which they like different things, and nothing can be labelled as bad or good. But there are certain special features of watches for men that you need to keep an eye out for to get your hands on the best watches for men

Planning your next purchase for trendy watches for men? We’ve got you! With this list of essential features, you’re all sorted so let’s get down to it straight.Boxing day shopping

  • Material

Be it silicon, rubber, or metal, the durability of watches for men is super important at the end of the day. Extremely fragile and super expensive watches might be good for specific occasions, but rough and tough materials like stainless steel and leather would be a smart choice when it comes to daily use. 

  • Watch Glass

Crystal glass is fairly popular for standard watches. However, if you want something with an edge, sapphire glass is great for you. It also depends if you’re able to care for it properly as watches for men tend to wear off very easily. 

  • Hand Movement

Good watches for men have quartz movement that is battery operated and offers ease of use. The accuracy and affordability of quartz watches make them desirable today. Apart from this, mechanical hand movement further branches into two types: manual and automatic. Manual watches require self-winding and can be cumbersome for people with an on-the-go lifestyle as opposed to Automatic watches that provide a spring tech that makes it work by the wearer’s motion. This is an expensive alternative to quartz watches usually seen in designer men’s watches, so you need to look out for its upkeep.

  • Water Resistance

Since none of us can predict the future, you never know when you’ll encounter a situation that’ll soak your watch completely. This is why waterproof watches for men are all the rage at the moment, as it’s an amazing way to be prepared and one step ahead of such instances. ATM represents the resistance to water of a watch, and at least the watch should offer 3ATM resistance to water. 

  • Finishing

The final touches, polishing and overall appearance, is definitely the prime factor for consideration. Any unsewed, lumpy bulges with the uneven distance between the adjustment holes marks a fine line between cheap and affordable watches for men. If you notice any irregularities, even the tiniest bit, it means the watch is compromised in quality and signifies a big red flag. 

These 5 features make for crucial decisive factors when shopping for watches for men. To avoid making mistakes in your purchase, always go for the best retail platforms. Online stores such as Snapdeal believe in Brand Waali Quality, Bazaar Waali Deal, so you’re assured with good quality products at incredibly reasonable prices. The vast range of watches for men available is a bonus for all you shopaholics as you get your favourite brands like Timex, Skmei, David Miller, Eddy Hager, and many more. So whether steel straps are your style or digital and analogue is what you fancy, leave your shopping woos at bay and add to cart today to get your hands on the best watches for men.


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