5 Push Notifications You Should Use On Your eCommerce Site

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Anyone who has an eCommerce business understands that at the very heart of their efforts to succeed is the need to drive customers to their website. They diligently work, looking into every possible means of getting them to take whatever action is needed to further their business interests.

However, even if you have thousands of people landing in your online store every day, it does not mean that you’re drumming up new business. There are those who may have been a customer at one time but are now missing in action. For those people you need to re-engage them by sending them web push notifications. Here are just a few notifications you should be using to get those customers back to your business.

  1. Past Action Notifications

If you keep a running record of visitor activity on your website, you can send them push notifications based on any past actions they may have had. For example, in addition to keeping records of their location and the date of their visit, track the different pages they visited and any past purchases they may have had. That way, when you’re sending out your push notifications, you can narrow your focus to areas more specific to their interests.

 Sale Notifications

Letting past and future customers know when you’re having a sale is a very easy way to bring them into your fold. Like any other website you shop from, you’re usually there because you’re looking for a good deal. Since around 80% of all shoppers feel the product cost is important in their shopping decision, it just makes sense for them to be attracted to a sale notification. Using a web push notification as opposed to an email or social media platform, general produces better results for a number of reasons. They are already on your site so they are more aware what you have. In many cases, this can lead to improved sales.

  1. Announcing New Products

If you are offering new products that you know your customers have shown an interest in then sending announcements can be a powerful attraction. Customers may have viewed products in the past, added some items on their wish list, or stopped while browsing to view something that caught their eye. You already know there is interest in this area, so by sending out specifically targeted push notifications that announce that these are now available and even adding a set date by which they must take action may be all that is needed to get the ball rolling.

  1. Authentication Notifications

Many eCommerce sites are keen to identify anonymous users who visit them. This gives them a means of communicating with them on future campaigns and is the starting point for establishing a working relationship with them. It also helps you to understand user behavior better. Once you have identified the visitor you can communicate with them on a more personal level. Push notifications are one of the best ways that you can get them to give you the information you want. By offering them a discount, free incentives, or even rewards for products they show interest in, you can encourage them to take that next step in becoming a potential customer.

  1. Abandoned Cart Reminders

New users often spend a lot of time browsing through a website. They may even place a few items in a shopping cart but for some reason, fail to complete the purchase. In fact, it is believed that nearly 70% of eCommerce carts have been abandoned. Sometimes, all that is needed is a gentle reminder that the items they wanted are still waiting for them. Keep in mind that placing an item in a shopping cart is a clear indication of interest. By sending out abandoned cart reminders, you create the potential of generating what otherwise could have become lost revenue.

Running an eCommerce business requires that you are always pushing forward. Standing still can mean loss of business. Online marketing is highly competitive and maintaining quality and gently nudging the customer in the right direction may be all it takes to get them to take action and follow through on your site rather than one of your competitors.


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