6 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Smoker

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Are you looking to upgrade from your charcoal smoker? Let’s face it, a charcoal smoker is hectic and makes you work extra hard to get your smoked delicacies. If you agree, then getting an electric smoker is your best solution.

If you are still in doubt about whether or not to get an electric smoker, just hang around. In this article, I will give you 5 reasons why you need to get an electric smoker. Let’s get right into the reasons why you need an electric smoker.

6 reasons you need an electric smoker

  1. Electric smokers are perfect for beginners

If you are a beginner on food smoking, an electric smoker is your way to go. Using a charcoal smoker is quite challenging for beginners. On the flip side, using an electric smoker is like a breeze. One, setting the temperatures of an electric smoker is easy. They come with digital control that allows you to set the desired temperature and duration you want your food to smoke. There is no need to start smoking your food and sweat for it when you can have things the easier way.

No doubt, purchasing an electric smoker is a perfect way to start smoking.

  1. Electric smokers are cost-effective

An electric smoker is cheaper than a charcoal smoker. This is not all about the price tag. If you look at the initial price tag, you will realize that most electric smokers are expensive than charcoal smokers. However, when you come to maintenance and fueling it, you will realize that an electric smoker is cheaper. The cost of charcoal can be overwhelming if you want to smoke regularly, or for commercial purposes. So to cut down your fuel costs, go for an electric smoker.

  1. More cooking space

An electric smoker has more cooking space than a charcoal smoker. You can smoke more food in one go. This is a good idea for commercial purposes and cooking for a large family gathering.

Cooking more food simultaneously is cost-effective. You can smoke your meat on the middle rack and the side dish, say potatoes, on the upper rack. This help save on time and costs.

  1. Suitable for multitasking

It does not make sense to sit back and wait for your meal to be ready after 10 hours. It can be quite challenging to use a charcoal smoker. With an electric smoker, all you have to do is set the temperature and check after every hour. You can go ahead to watch a movie, do the laundry or read a novel.

All you need to do is to add wood chips to ensure that there is a steady flow of smoke. This is a set-and-forget option.

  1. It is easier to regulate the temperatures of an electric smoker

Controlling the heat of the smoker determines the texture of your meat. It also determines whether your meat will be cooked well or not. Truthfully, regulating the temperatures of a charcoal smoker can be difficult. The temperatures can shoot up when you really want them low. You have to be on the watch out so that you can constantly monitor the temperature in your smoker.

With an electric smoker, all you have to do is set the digital temperature control, and just check the temperature using a thermometer.

  1. It is easier to cold smoke on an electric smoker

The idea of cold smoking is to expose your food to smoke and minimal heat, usually something around 90F. If done together with preserves and curing, cold smoking results in exotic and distinctive smoky flavors. If you would love to try out cold smoking, then you should go for an electric cooker. Cold smoking is the best way to smoke cheese, sausages or bacon. You can also cold smoke-dried meat, desserts, loaves or fish.

It is possible to cold smoke with a charcoal smoker. It is, however, very involving and requires a little dedication and concentration. Controlling and maintaining the heat in a charcoal smoker to 90F may be challenging.

  1. An electric smoker is easier to clean

Most electric smokers come with a drip tray that collects the entire residue at the bottom of the smoker. There will be minimal drips and accumulation of dirt in the smoker. Besides, an electric smoker produces minimal soot and ash. You will not have to undergo the torture of thoroughly scrubbing the smudges and drips just to have your smoker clean.


Charcoal smokers have been used traditionally for that juicy and smoky flavored food. However, they are so hectic to use. Despite producing richly flavored smoky foods, a charcoal smoker is difficult to manage. Nobody wants to undergo the torture of managing and controlling a charcoal smoker when you can have things go the easier way. Go for an electric smoker and enjoy juicy smoked food in the comfort of your home.


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