7 Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking in a Effective Way

The addiction of nicotine seems to be a tough battle and often takes many tedious attempts until you eliminate it from your life. Here we are telling you a few ways to quit smoking in a effective way. 

  1. Plan When you Want To Start It

Before starting anything you need to set the time frame for your quitting journey. You cannot start abruptly one day; you must give your body ample time to get used to the change. The ideal gap should be 2-3 weeks that is enough to get your body familiar with the change. 

  1. Take Support Of Your Well-wishers

Many people do not reveal their plans to anyone to protect themselves from embarrassing situations. You must not hesitate while asking for support from your friends and family due to the fear of judgment. Besides that you must tell them about your failed attempts. Always remember that their support will make a lot of difference in your quitting journey. 

  1. Search For The Nicotine Substitute

Always remember that nicotine does not cause any diseases or cancer. You can search for nicotine substitutes like gum, patch or even medicines like Chantix or Zyban that would increase the possibility of your success rate. Every medication has its benefits. You can have a word with your doctor, who will suggest the best possible Effective Way to Quit Smoking.

  1. Take Note Of Your Triggers

While driving, talking on the phone, drinking coffee, socializing with friends, or stress instances, people can have the urge to smoke anytime anywhere. Many activities trigger your brain and increase your urge to smoke. So before your day of quitting, you can figure out how you will face such triggers, specifically the stress, without touching cigarettes.

  1. You Can Opt For Vaping 

The rechargeable e-cigarette has a refillable tank that provides nicotine more efficiently and faster compared to disposable models. It will even offer you a better opportunity to quit smoking. If you belong to a moderate smoker category, you can go for the vape NZ pen, cig-alike or pod system.

  1. Grab As Much Information As You Can

You can take time to go through several informational stuff regarding nicotine addiction and how it affects your body. Indeed, you will find yourself in the correct mind frame for this. Watch encouraging videos from people who have successfully quit smoking. It will help you start your journey.


If you are diligently trying to quit smoking now, it may make the quitting process difficult and complicated initially as it takes time to build new habits. The quicker you would be in your attempt, the easier it will become to eliminate it from your life completely. You can also keep yourself occupied with other things that would distract you from smoking. The above mentioned was a quick guide to get started.




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