8 DIY SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings in Search Engines

search engine optimization

The world-wide-web is the new university of life. The answer to nearly everything one needs or is curious about can be found online. So, as a business owner, it is important that whatever you are offering to the public whether it is a product or a service, can be easily found. 

However, while most consumers will readily find what they need in a matter of seconds, in order for your business to be at the top of the list it needs to make its way to the top of search engine rankings. Here are 8 tips recommended by A.P. Web Solutions that can help you to do it yourself. 

  1. Learn What Consumers Want

Good businesses know their products well and understand their industry. But that doesn’t mean they always understand their customers. To target the right consumers, you need to become a master at keyword research. When consumers search online, they may use a variety of terms. To make sure you’re covered, take advantage of tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Google Ads, or Ubersuggest so you know the best keywords to use.

  1. Take Advantage of Metadata Tools

The words you use to describe your content could be the one thing that will get customers to choose your site over another similar one. The tags you use for your images and content should always be relevant and brief. They are valuable sources of information that could steer a potential customer in your direction. 

  1. Know Your Competition

It is important to promote your business well but be just as familiar with what your competition is doing too. Always do your research and learn what strategies are working well for them and what areas they may be found lacking. Visit their site to find out how they differ and to glean interesting features and approaches you may not have considered.

  1. Make Good Use Of Your Keywords and Phrases

A key element of SEO is to ensure that your keywords are working to your advantage. You should learn where to place them, so they are most effective. You’ll want them strategically placed on the pages that get the highest amount of traffic, but also make sure they are listed in the headings, image titles, alt text, title tags, and URLs.

  1. Have A Plan

Once you have learned the unique needs of your target base, develop a strategic plan for your website. You want to focus on the pages that meet their needs, answer their questions, and, draw their attention. Rank each page accordingly. Those pages that rank the highest should be given more attention than those that won’t deliver the best results. Make use of long-tail keyword themes. These will bring in fewer searches but will likely produce better quality results.

  1. Use Backlinks

Get other authority sites to link back to your site. This gives your website more credibility and will increase your popularity. Establish a relationship with other authority sites, and networking, and sharing your content with social mediate sites. The collaboration that you have with such sites could increase your rankings exponentially as you will tap into their customer base as well.

  1. Produce Fresh Content Regularly

When you create fresh content on a regular basis, you give your customers reasons to keep coming back. Whether your content is a blog, reviews, advice, or other information that may be valuable to your consumer, if it is useful to them, they will not only come back you often but are more likely to share it with others thus increasing your exposure. 

  1. Learn How To Use Google Analytics

No matter what you do, you have to have a means of measuring your results. Before you can do that, learn how to use Google’s analytics tools.  This way, you can measure the success of each step of your SEO plan and determine which strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked or tossed so that you can maximize your results.

DIY SEO, it is an ongoing process. The digital world is fast-moving and in order to stay ahead of the pack, you will have to exert constant vigilance when it comes to managing your online presence. If you do, you will be able to increase your rankings and get your business the kind of attention it deserves.


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