A Cultural Trip To Canada


Canada is a treasure trove of soulful sites to visit. It is also home to an abode of geographical diversities, fauna and a mammoth amount of tourist spots. Each of the beautiful tourist attractions immerses us in the culture of Canada and its tranquility. 

The diversity speaks for itself, leaving you awe-inspired to come to visit the country time and again. If you have recently hopped off the Rocky mountaineer luxury train in Canada and you wish to explore its culture, we can help you. 

1. Revel In The Love Of Arctic Summer 

This tour is a paradise for sightseeing lovers who want to spare no moment to merge with Canada’s traditions. The tour starts with a stroll across diverse towns where you can hop into the historical locations of Canada and unravel its culture. 

You can also hike across the Sylvia Grinnell River and explore the beauty it has to offer. Apart from this, you can also taste the captivating sight of the Arctic and carry along the hidden gems from this place with you. There are many other iconic spots that you can uncover here. The daily guided town tours could be your best friend for this purpose. 

2. The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland 

The spectacularity of East Canada is massive. You are bound to fall for the natural beauty it has to offer and the colossal number of birds and seabirds you can spot here. Tourists also get to spot Mooses and Whales along the way as they become the perfect shots for your Instagram stories. 

Once you set foot into this tour, you can explore the ancient Viking settlement here as well. The tabletop formations at Gros Morne National Park are also likely to leave you bewitched for far too long. You can plan this tour with your family and little ones right away. 

3. British Columbia and Alaska Tour 

A tour across Alaska, the San Juan Islands and British Columbia can be mesmerising. You can lose yourself in the serenity of the rain forests here and its wildlife that never fails to enchant tourists. The towering glaciers and Humpback whales are also another reason to take this tour urgently. If you love the idea of Kayaking, you will love it amidst the tranquility of Misty Fjord’s forested backwaters. You can also explore the Islands of San Juan and immerse in its bewitching corners. 

4. Tour Across The Funky Port Cities 

The Dalles, Vancouver, Portland and Astoria are some of the best port cities you can cover for an experience full of adventure. Cruise along the Columbian rivers and remind yourself of the true meaning of serenity and scenic beauty. Revel in the captivating presence of waterfalls and bike trails that will leave you wanting more. Apart from this, the lush rainforest and the historic Vancouver attractions will also add to your magical list of this tour. 

5. Milwaukee To Montreal 

If you are looking for an escape from the bustling streets of Canada, this serene tour has got your back. Explore the corners of Chicago, venture into the magic of Lake Michigan and sail through the Georgian bay and its charm. You can also take your time to delight in the beauty of the world-famous Niagara Falls here.  

An Enchanting Trip To Paradise 

Canada seeps in never-ending culture and vivacious beauty. Its charm, elegance and simplicity are explicit. When you plan to come here for a trip, make sure you have enough days at hand to explore it by its depths. We promise; even your loved ones are likely to have the time of their life on these tours when you arrive here via Rocky mountaineer luxury train.


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