A Revolutionary Attitude we Need to Adopt | Deepika’s Response on Asking for Identity Proof by Security Officers Tremendously Hit the Social Media!

deepika padukone

Security Team at Mumbai Airport Forbid the Renowned and Glorious Star “Deepika Padukone” From Entering and Asked for Her Identity Proof!           

Check Ahead How the Fabled Actress, Deepika Respond and Won Hearts over Social Media!

The well-known star of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone stopped by security officers at Mumbai Airport. The security officers while performing their job aptly asked her to show her Identity Card. However, Deepika Padukone did not show any frenzy starry attitude and, tantrums. Instead, she responded, calmly and polietly. She asked: ” Do you want it?”. Deepika then quickly get her Id card out of her bag and showed the security personnel.

This neutral attitude of the Security team towards the famous Deepika Padukone needs to be adopted and praised all over the world. The security officers did their job righteously and treated Deepika as common civilian instead of giving her any protocol.

As all civilians appear to be bound to follow all the rules and regulations of the country. The famous star Deepika thus, also bound to follow them as others. Well, she proved it by showing a positive attitude and following the rules.

If we take a deep look over this incident, it enlightens a fact which probably revolutionizes a country’s system. The security officers instead of showing biased behavior towards the famous star Deepika Padukone treated her as a common civilian. They neutrally asked her to prove her identity. In return, Deepika also responded in a commended way.

The way security team behaved neutrally, and Deepika instead of throwing her stary attitude, cooperate with the security team. The way they fulfill all the requirements and follow the rules of airport security needs to be praised. Taking it as a revolutionary step for the enhancement of a country, we all should adopt this positive and neutral attitude.


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