GTA 6: News About Release Date, Reasons behind the delay


There is sad news for GTA fans, GTA 6 will not come before two or more years.
According to legendary gamer Shroud, we will not be able to see another GT for two or more years at least.

It clearly indicates that the game is still far away from the development. There is some fact about the delay of the game let’s have a look at it.

There is no official confirmation news of release date GTA 6 by Rockstar games. However, rumors are floating around the world and expecting a release date soon. That’s why the release date is only based on assumptions.

The first reason is strong enough, but there could be another reason. Maybe the game is in developing phase and not ready for an exhibition at E3. however, Rockstar can surprise their fans by showing a glimpse of the game.

Well, Rockstar is taking advantage of rumors. It is such a difficult thing for fans.
As you know E3 conference has skipped and killed the chances of a possible reveal. So the GTA 6 unveil a massive doubt for the franchise.

However, there are many ways to unveil the GTA 6. According to some rumors, it can be available on next-generation PlayStation, and that’s a turning point. The exhibition could also happen at a standalone conference at any time.


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