Above ground pool with deck packages

Above ground pool with deck packages

Trying to build an in-ground pool happens to be impossible in many cases. There are many issues such as terrain issues, poor soil conditions, building and zoning restrictions, etc. Any one of these issues can prevent us from building a pool in the ground. Moreover, homeowners always tend to search for more affordable options. They may not want to spend more than $15000 to $20000 on a backyard oasis. Above ground pool with deck packages can be an affordable solution.

These pools can be less stunning than a pool build in the ground. But with some grading and creative planning, these pools can be truly attractive. Also, they may cost half than building one of the in-ground pool kits.

Here are some unique designs of above ground pool with deck packages. These designs are unique, truly awesome, and out of the ordinary.

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Above ground pool with deck packages

  1. Above ground pool with platform deck

For those who have little space concerns, this pool with a deck has a lot of merits. The paneled walls and raised pool deck acts as a barrier for small children. The filtration equipment also fits very neatly underneath the pool. This pool has no installation issues, which makes it an affordable option for the owners.

Pergola on the opposite side of this 20×40 volume pool provides shade during the afternoon. This easy-to-build pool can be built in only a week.

  1. Above ground pool with terraced deck

Creative planning can make above-ground pools more unique and attractive. Partially submerge an above-ground pool in the ground or sink it in a wooden deck. It will completely change the sight and feel of an above-ground pool. Adding grass or other natural materials and contrasting stampcrete will make it more stunning.

This 15×30 volume pool uses the “Lagoon” step, functioning as a pool entry and seating area. Adding installed jets provide spa-like hydrotherapy for sore DIY pool builders.

Another design allows the pool to be built on-grade while having a walk-out or walk-up pool. But in this case, be sure to design safety into the pool deck. Also, install a sturdy fence gate with self-closing hinges and self-locking latches.

  1. Above ground pool with composite deck

This pool has a unique feature which is the walk-in steps. The walk-in steps add elegance and a real in-ground pool feel. If we built an in-ground pool with a composite deck, the costs would be nearly $10K. The merit of installing this pool is that the owners can save their costs. They can save substantially on both pool fencing and landscaping costs.

To build this pool, the owner can use a 21 diameter round above-ground pool. Then install a gorgeous composite wood deck around half of the pool with walk-in steps.

  1. Wrapped wood and stone pool

This pool is wrapped in stone and wood and has a look of an in-ground pool. It blends into the surroundings and adds value to the property.

This 15×30 Grecian above-ground pool is built into a sloping backyard. Using at least 4 feet height of the pool wall as an advantage. The raised wall on one side provides an effective barrier to half of the pool perimeter. It acts as an element of safety to the pool.

  1. Corner pool with terraced deck

This pool is especially useful for those who want to preserve space in their backyard. At only 8×18 volume in size, this pool could be tucked anywhere. It is a great space saver and one of the popular pool designs.

The wood deck is a great way to wrap the pool. It pops the attractiveness of the pool and functions as stairs and seating area. The retaining wall around the two sides of the pool is wrapped in siding. But it could also be wrapped in stone, brick, or nearly any surface.

  1. Half submerged pool with composite deck

It is another above-ground pool with a composite wood deck in an oval shape. We build this 15×30 volume pool on the ground. The pool deck covers about half of the pool wall. It gives the pool an integrated look and provides safety for small children. It also helps to keep the swimming pool clean by blocking leaves that blow around it.

  1. Above ground pool with safety cover

This is another above-ground pool with a surrounded deck that uses a safety pool cover. This pool cover is used to secure the pool during winter or any other time. This wood pool deck has safety built-in all year around. A self-latching gate on the upper deck is attached to the shelter.

The lattice on the underside of the pool has a small door to access the pump and filter equipment. It also has plenty of room for storing much other cool stuff.

  1. Above ground pool with automatic cover

An automatic cover keeps the pool clean, saves bucks on pool heating costs. It provides unparalleled safety to any type of pool out there. The wooden pool deck gives us the illusion of a real in-ground pool.

We construct this 18×36 above-ground pool fully above ground with a wooden deck around the pool. At the end of the pool, we house a cover reel inside a box. Pull ropes run through the aluminum tracks that run down both sides of the pool. The raised pool deck around the pool prevents leaves from blowing in the pool. Recessed lights help to illuminate the raised transition during the evening hours.

  1. Semi buried pool with composite deck

In this above-ground pool design, we place the pool deck above ground level. The pool walls and top rails are wrapped in wood using extra wide planks.

One of the advantages of this pool design is it requires no excavation. Not having to dig into the ground avoids the excess fill dirt problem. It saves not only money but also helps to save nearby trees.

  1. Above ground pool with Ipa wood deck

This above-ground pool is wrapped with fine hardwoods like Ipa wood. This type of hardwood has outstanding resistance to rot and weather.

One may require a railing for suspended decks as a safety feature to keep everyone safe. Moreover, a complete deck allows the owners to install a safety pool cover as well.

  1. Oversized step section and walk around the pool

For this pool, first, dig the ground out halfway or about 24″. After that, fill it back in with drain pipe and gravel. Then frame a composite deck around the pool for a path and an entrance platform. On top of the half-height pool deck, build an oversized step entrance system. It also provides a nice spot to sit and dangle feet in the pool.

  1. Above ground pool with resin pool deck

It has a prefabricated DIY pool deck package that comes complete and ready to assemble. It can easily adjust itself to ground pools with 48″-56″ walls.

Vinyl Works 5’x10′ Pool Deck Kit can adapt to any ladder or stair system. The outstanding pool deck, one that will never rot, rust, or warp and easy to clean.

Above ground pools with deck costs

The average price of an above-ground pool with an installed deck is $2500 to $11200. The cost to build a deck around a pool is about $15 to $30 per square foot. The cost also depends upon the size and height of the pool. It also depends on the design and materials used in it. The installed deck itself can range from $2800 to $10,000 or more. If the owners want, they can put up a small deck kit by spending $800 to $3000 on it.

An estimated cost of above ground pool decks is given below:

No of deck sides            Average cost      Estimated square feet
1 side                $2800                    112
2 sides                $4600                    184
3 sides                $6400                    256
4 sides                $10,000                    400
1 deck end                $1400                    56


Things to consider when building an above ground pool with deck packages

When you’re building an above-ground pool, you need to consider how much pool deck you need.

A common size for a pool deck is a 3 section fan deck. It should cover enough room so that several people can use it. On around the pool, it would follow the contour of the top rails of your pool. For as many rails as the owner of the pool wants to cover.

Also, when installing a pool deck, you should be careful of some things such as.

  • Take your time with the instructions, and you will also be able to build a pool that lasts long.
  • Don’t install the pool deck in an area that stays wet frequently; use tierra firma in such cases.
  • If you also use a winter cover, don’t build the deck right-on-top of your top rail.
  • Don’t use rusted or bad materials on any part of the pool deck. Because it will weaken the integrity of the pool.
  • Be sure not to make the deck much taller than the pool. Because it’s hard to find very tall ladders.
  • Don’t block the full view of the pool. Also, try to install the deck area on the side closest to the house.
  • Use resin walk-in steps instead of the ordinary deck to pool ladders. These are a better option to enter into the pool, especially for children and the elderly.
  • Check with your local building department first before choosing a pool deck. Because building a wooden deck will usually need to be permitted and inspected. Also, there might be certain requirements for building a pool where you live. You can eventually find the information by searching your county/city .gov website. You may also search the websites for terms like “Above ground swimming pool decks.” Or “above ground pool with deck packages.”
  • Many owners also like to build a pool deck and connect it to the back of the house porch. In such cases, also install an inside perimeter fence at the smallest point. Also, be sure to install the fence with a self-closing and self-latching pool gate. Because it can be dangerous if there’s only one door between the house and the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • In-ground pool or above ground pool, which one is easier to build?

Answer: An above-ground pool is much easier to build than an in-ground pool.

  • What are the disadvantages of building an in-ground pool?

Answer: It costs a lot of money to build an in-ground pool. It is also hard and takes a lot of time to build one. Also, there are many issues involved in building an in-ground pool. Such as- terrain issues, building and zoning restrictions, poor soil conditions, etc. Plus, if your backyard is small, it is impossible to build an in-ground pool.

  • What are the advantages of an above-ground pool?

Answer: There are many advantages of building an above-ground pool rather than an in-ground pool. They are:

  1. It is easier to build an above-ground pool than building an in-ground pool.
  2. It also costs less money and less time.
  3. Small or narrow backyards aren’t that big of an issue in building an above-ground pool, unlike an in-ground pool.
  4. Also, there are fewer terrain issues, building and zoning restrictions in case of building an above-ground pool.


So, this text has listed some of the best designs of above ground pool with deck packages. We also hope these design ideas will help you think about what type of pool you want to build beside your residence.


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