Andrea Jaeger: Transforming Faith into Tangible Impact


When most people hear the name, Andrea Jaeger, they immediately envision one of the world’s most accomplished tennis players. While her tennis career was undeniably illustrious, her work beyond the court fills her with pride. Recently featured in The MorningStar Journal, Andrea Jaeger delved into the profound significance of her faith and how she’s dedicated herself to translating that faith into real-world actions that bring positivity and change to the lives of others. Her fervent hope is to inspire others to follow her lead and do likewise.

For Jaeger, Faith Is a Precious Gift

In a world where many take their faith for granted, Andrea Jaeger stands apart, cherishing her faith as a precious gift. Her unique perspective on faith is deeply rooted in her upbringing. Raised by hardworking parents who operated a restaurant in Chicago, her parents’ demanding hours often meant missing traditional church services. Andrea’s faith remained steadfast despite these circumstances, never taken for granted.

A Revelation from Childhood

One evening, while her parents were away at work, Andrea was engaged in a game of hide-and-seek with her siblings. While hiding in a closet during the game, she stumbled upon a photograph of a disfigured, swollen, and badly bruised baby. Strangely, she did not recognize the infant in the picture. It would later dawn on her that this photograph depicted her fragile, vulnerable state after a challenging delivery. Her birth had been far from smooth, requiring the doctor to employ suction and forceps to ensure her safe arrival. While she ultimately made a full recovery, this revelation left an indelible mark on her, reinforcing the importance of her faith.

Living Out an Active Faith

Today, Andrea Jaeger is dedicated to living a life of active faith. This journey is not without its challenges. Jaeger acknowledges that the universe holds numerous mysteries yet to be unraveled, and her unwavering faith bolsters her through life’s uncertainties. Active faith, in her view, involves recognizing the gifts we’ve been granted and leveraging them to forge deeper connections with others and nurture our spiritual growth. It’s about understanding that these gifts come hand in hand with significant responsibility.

Harnessing Actionable Faith to Aid Others

For over 37 years, Andrea Jaeger has been at the helm of a children’s cancer foundation, her primary calling. She strives to assist children residing in shelters, schools, orphanages, and hospitals with unwavering dedication. Her actionable faith guides her in this endeavor, urging her to listen attentively and absorb the messages of others before translating those messages into meaningful actions. Through the Little Star Foundation, she provides enduring, high-quality care for children, allowing them to lead improved lives. It is a powerful testament to the transformative impact that actionable faith can wield in our world.



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