Anger issues and how to manage them

Anger issues

We all feel angry most of the time. We all know what it is called to be in anger. We’ve all felt it at one point or another in everyday life. Anger can be a fleeting frustration or can be full-time anger that is worse than a normal annoyance. If students face anger issues or feel annoyed or frustrated then even motivational quotes for students don’t work for them.

Anger is a minimal amount is completely normal. It is also regarded as usually healthy because its a human emotion we all have. The problem starts when it gets out of control and becomes destructive. It can also lead to other types of problems as well. There can be problems at work and in relationships as well. If it is not controlled then it can affect the overall quality of a person’s life. And it can make them feel as though they’re at the heart of uncontrolled and strong emotion. There is a constant urge therefore to control one’s anger and be better at it. 

It is usually seen that poor quality of education makes a student angry and frustrated. Most students, therefore, rely on online teaching to understand the concepts better. They can be provided with various resource materials and can take feedback from the teachers as well. This can make their study and learning process easy to understand. Here are some of the ways a person with a short temper can control their anger.


People who have anger issues can make their life better by trying to count down till 10 or 20.  If the anger is too much and a person is really mad, they can start by counting to 100. In the time it takes the person to count, their heart rate will slow, and their anger will likely go away. This is why counting is seen to be beneficial for several people. One of the boys living in a hostel had a very serious anger issue. He would take out the anger on others. This made the life of other boys difficult. For this reason, a teacher advised him to start counting till 10 and not feel angry. There was a good change in him after that. 

Meditate or take deep breaths 

A person’s breathing becomes shallower and speeds up as they grow angry. A person can reverse this easily by taking slow and deep breaths. They start from their nose and exhale out of their mouth for several minutes The purpose of that is to slow the breathing. A person must take in more oxygen and then reduce the use of the shoulder and neck. They must relax their upper chest muscles while breathing so that they breathe more efficiently.


One must let the music carry them away from their feelings. They must put in earbuds and slip out to their car. They must learn their favorite music. This they can relax their mind and body. Anger too will vanish away soon.

Cut off

A person must pretend their lips are shut when they feel angry. This is just like the way it is done to a kid. This moment without speaking will give them time to collect their thoughts.

Repeating or chanting 

A person must find a word or phrase that helps them calm down and refocus. They may repeat that word again and again to themselves when they’re upset. Examples are – relax and take it easy. 


Stretches such as neck rolls and shoulder rolls are some examples of yoga-type movements that can help a person control their body and harness their emotions. For this fancy equipment is not required.


Anger is a normal trait and can be a good emotion when it helps a person work through issues or problems. The problems can be at work or at home. However, anger can become a big hurdle if it leads to too much aggression. If there is a lot of outbursts then anger is not regarded as a good thing. Therefore, anger control is needed for helping a person avoid saying or doing something they may regret. Before anger becomes too much, one can use specific ways to control anger.


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