Attack on Titan Chapter 118 Release Date and plot Spoilers

attack on titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 117 was very exciting since it has many twists and fights which fans always want to see. Fight between Eren and Reineer was most exciting one.  Survey Corps have resumed their great power and things are going on their sides. Isayama delivery in the last month was another amazing turn in the story. Now it is time to talk about Attack on Titan Chapter 118.

Attack on Titan keep people engaged with its interesting storylines and battles between human-titan. Even the aspect of human turning into Titans was the biggest turn of the show. Fans are interested to know what was the main reason behind Yeager Brothers meeting.

Before I talk about Attack on Chapter 118, I want to make it clear that this post contain official spoiler of upcoming chapter. So, if you want to spoil next episode’ surprise then you shouldn’t read this post. However, if you are anxious about upcoming post story then it is time to check out some spoilers I have for you. I would like to make it clear at this point that we don’t create spoiler, we just get them from the internet where they are already available.

In last chapter, we saw how Eren fight furiously and knocked down three titans at once. He was dominating player of the fight. At the moment when Marley was imposing themselves, Zeke made an appearance out of the blue and rescued Eren.  The plan of two brother is still a mystery but we will be able to unlock it in the upcoming chapter. Fans are curious what happened to Zeke during Path’s experience.

Zeke doesn’t show much trust on Eren and Marley. He might not betray Eren but still there is something in his mind about which Eren doesn’t have any idea. The main goal of Eren and Zeke is to sterilize the Eldian race but there is a great possibility that they are not going to choose the same way for achieving this goal.

Next chapter might unlock some details regarding Levi and Hange’s group. Fans are certain that Levi is not dead yet and he will make a comeback in the upcoming episodes.

Developers are done with the Attack on Titan Chapter 118, however we will get some updates about its release date in the upcoming days. Check back to know the official release date of new chapter .



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