Ariana Grande Postponed Her Two Shows due to Tomato Allergy

Ariana Grande

I know this sound very weird at first, but it is real that Ariana Grande was unable to attend two shows of her hometown as she tomato allergy caught up this fantastic singer. She posted an update about this illness on her Instagram account.

Ariana feels like that her throat has been closed and she is eating cactus; She wrote “Still feels like I’m swallowing a cactus,” she wrote. Grande concluded the message with an all-caps send-off: “There is NOTHING MORE UNFAIR THAN AN ITALIAN WOMAN DEVELOPING AN ALLERGY TO TOMATOES IN HER MID TWENTIES.”

She adds a sarcastic statement in the end because it is a fact that Italian American give preference to tomato and its sauce. They consume more tomatoes than other Americans. Even you can say that they prefer more tomatoes than water.

There is a study of American Medical Association Journal gives an explanation about Ariana Grande’s Tomato allergy,  “a 10 percent of adults likely have a food allergy, and about 27 percent of them never had a food allergy as a child and only developed one as an adult. Noting that the figures were a bit higher than experts expected.”

This allergic reaction can be developed at any time. Sometimes people have it in their childhood. On the other hand, many people experience this tomato illness during their adulthood.

Actually, Ariana might get allergic reaction due to the protein that found in fresh tomatoes and vegetables.

She canceled two shows of her home state on May 28th in Tampa and May 29th in Orlando. Now, these show got new dates of November 24th and November 25th. She also has to perform tonight at Miami’s American Airline Arena.

According to NY post, Grande’s sudden allergic reaction is actually reasonably common: more than half of adults with food allergies were diagnosed with them later in life. So from now on, Grande will have to stick to pesto.

People who were waiting for her in the shows definitely feel disappointed, but she has a valid reason of not showing up. We hope that she recovers fast and we get a chance to enjoy her live shows.



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