10 best backpage alternative websites 2020

backpage alternative websites 2020

Backpage alternative websites 2020 is dead! Hey, are you trying to find the simplest alternative back-end website? Well, you are not alone!

Since the backup site is classified as the highest position of the ideal online destination for classified ads / personal ads, the backup site has everything from electronics, events, vacancy alerts, and landing. But later, the location became a hotbed for (allegedly!). Adult content, advertising, sex workers and clients trying to find women.

Obviously, the federal government is not excited about this! Therefore, after all the allegations of human extortion / prostitution behind all digital seams surfaced, the government finally canceled contact in the autumn of 2008, allowing the FBI to permanently destroy the site.

But wait, does this mean that the “backup” era like websites is finally over and complete?

If you have to publish classified ads, Backpage is one of the simplest publishing platforms. Backpage is the best destination for all types of advertising. But sadly, it was picked up by the US department in April 2018 because it was used to publish advertisements about illegal drugs, trafficking and worse. In any case, if you are suing Backpage for business or personal reasons, then we provide some cool alternatives to Backpage, and they have the same effect, because the same is true of the original website. Some even have modern features, which will make your publishing and searching process easier.

Backpage is a huge advertising website because people use it to post ads about new and old items.

Whether it is an old electronic refrigerator, a keyboard or an old bed and mattress. The inner page is where such ads are posted. However, because Backpage does not operate in the United States, we will try other best Backpage alternatives. For locals, posting local ads is crucial because it helps people attach and buy and sell other goods.

These backpage alternative websites 2020 alternatives will undoubtedly help you make money in the process of advertising. If you mainly publish ads in classified ads, then these Backpage alternatives will undoubtedly help you sell goods and make money in the process. We have listed many alternative websites that are used in a similar way to the first Backpage. So let ’s dive into the best options for Backpage.

Best Sites Like Backpage


Craigslist is a confidential advertising website in the United States and one of the easiest alternatives to Backpage. This is a good broad user base, and its personal advertising has been very popular in the past. However, the service was shut down in 2010 because the US Attorney General claimed that most advertisements also included promotion of prostitution. Again in March 2018, the service was back, and Craigslist decided to also cancel all of its personal ads.

Today, Criaglist has recorded its classified ads, including those dedicated to work, housing, sales, purchases, etc. You can choose the theme category wisely on the homepage. Many Criagslist sites also cover large areas, such as the west slope of Colorado and the golden country of California. On the left side of the homepage, you will also find many useful links, such as security tips, fraud prevention, etc. .

Gum tree

Gumtree may be an online classified ad and community website in the UK. It was founded by Michael Pennington and Simon Coorkall in March 2000. In 2018, it has become one of the most popular websites. In addition, it is also famous in countries such as Australia and South Africa. The service includes free or paid advertising, depending on the product category and market location.

The design motivation of the site is to attract Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who are looking for the latest accommodation, work or make new friends. Gumtree also has in-depth social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Can be used to spread news and knowledge about the brand. It has more than 35,000 followers on Twitter and 471,000 followers on Facebook. Therefore, it makes full use of these social media platforms to initiate competitors and promotional activities.


If you want to find the best backpage alternative websites 2020, then Locanto is your best choice. Locanto was originally established in Germany and is now sold in more than 60 countries. This is a very popular classified advertisement listing site, it has been developed for about 12 years.

You will find the required product or service support category. In addition, the location also has mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is very easy to use, you just need to post an ad. Due to the large number of users, your ads may receive excellent responses. In India, people widely use online as a marriage platform. Locanto has also established a blog about safer transactions, which provides security tips about online transactions.


YesBackpage is probably the new best alternative Backpage site, everyone can post ads for free. It feels almost similar to the first Backpage website. This is one of the easiest alternatives to Backpage. All you have to do is filter your search by different countries. You will buy or sell any product or service you want. Yes, Backpage always provides you with the right buyer. You just want to create a profile and post an ad, and customers will contact you directly.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are another popular alternative to Backpage that we list today. This is usually a classified advertising website that contains advertisements related to work, housing, vehicles, land, and many other products and services. You will be completely free to search or post your own ad on the ad.

It comes with a simple interface and is very easy to use. Classified advertising is one of the emerging companies, but it has already had a huge impact on the market. It has attracted 3 million viewers and is growing into an important competitor in this field. In addition, they need to make it easier for users to successfully bend the desired products by launching new mobile applications. Most importantly, even if there are not enough employees in the team, the company has achieved great success in the past few years.


OfferUp may be a mobile-driven market, dating back to 2011. It competes with many similar companies, such as eBay, Gumtree, Facebook market, Craigslist, etc. OfferUp exists on iOS, Android and the Web. You will easily buy or sell any product you want. It is specifically optimized for smartphones, and you will view larger photos of the product for more detailed information. In addition, all products are distinctive and rely on the geographic location closest to the customer to promote face-to-face interaction. Therefore, it focuses on encouraging the relationship between customers and sellers through real-life interactions, and also increases people’s trust in services.

In addition, it also provides a “batch” function, you only need to pay a nominal fee, you can use this function to list your products in the highest queue. The company’s goal is to make the transaction process as simple as possible. You will make transactions via cash or using the OfferUp in-app payment.


Most people know that Facebook is the largest online social networking site and the most used social media platform. But it is not common to use Facebook to do business. Today, many of us use Facebook to grow our business online. You will use Facebook to post ads, buy and sell products. This is the largest user base, so you will be marketing products or services extensively here. However, since there is no special way to contact buyers, you only need to discuss their posts or send them messages in person. FB has a dedicated market, with a friendly Craiglist function to buy and sell products.

You just need to find any product or service in Facebook’s search bar. In addition, there is a separate work area, but this is not common to everyone. Facebook even launched a dating platform or its users. With so many users, Facebook may be considered the simplest alternative to Backpage.

5 miles

5miles is another great platform where you can buy and sell any desired products or services for free. By discovering new classified information in your area, this is a simple, fun and safe method. You just need to find work, housing, rent any local services, and then look for more. It works on iOS and Android. You will capture photos of the product and list them within 5 miles without any trouble.

In addition, it allows you to add a private touch with voice notes describing your product or service. The team will constantly review the new list, and you will also rate and skim other buyers and sellers. Discover great things by browsing photos, and negotiate deals by chatting directly with suppliers. It also allows you to place filters in the search to find related items.


I hope everyone can use the name OLX. It is a global online marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services such as bicycles and cars, furniture, instruments, electronics, household products and more. You can easily promote your products and attract international customers. In 2014, OLX’s page views were 11 billion errors.

There are more than 200 million active users and 25 million lists every month. The service is provided in more than 41 countries, and there are approximately 4,000 employees in the team. However, due to some political issues and lack of free trading, OLX ceased operations in Venezuela on September 11, 2018. The company was originally an alternative to Craigslist and is now the number one competitor on the market.


Geebo is an American online classifieds market website established in 2000. It will become one of the simplest alternative Backpage websites. People can easily publish any services they own, and they can promote their services for free. Through partnerships with other promotional sites, the location became very popular. However, the company decided to delete all personal advertisements in 2010.

The site has gradually evolved into one of the companies trying to reshape the business of the newspaper industry, which is constantly being overlooked. With the popularity of Internet services, the newspaper industry began to avoid using most of the facilities previously provided through traditional printing. Later, Geebo began marketing these services on its own. The company is committed to improving service quality and providing safer services for buyers and sellers.


Which website is the new Backpage?

Unfortunately, there is no new backpage alternative websites 2020. However, you will use yesbackpage.com and bedpage.com instead of Backpage.

Why should background files be withheld?

On April 6, 2018, the FBI seized Backpage for illegal acts such as human trafficking and prostitution of minors



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