Best Cable TV and Internet Bundles for 2022

Internet Bundles

The two most important and widely used consumer-based services that currently exist are cable TV and the internet bundles. According to stats, 89.94 percent of America’s population is an internet user that makes up almost 288 million people. While on the other hand, cable TV has always been the most preferred entertainment medium for a lot of people, this is evident from the f

act that there are more than 285 million televisions in use in American households. While there are more than 35 million cable TV subscribed households in the USA.

This sheer number of users is a testament to the fact that how much cable TV and the internet are loved by the average consumer. Now since it’s already been established that cable and internet are quite popular consumer services, this begs the question what are the reasons and why are they so popular? 

There’s no definitive answer as to why these services are so popular because there is a whole history and technological evolutions in this journey which has made internet and cable stand where they are. As the cable is one of the oldest and still relevant visual entertainment mediums that is why it gripped the market as soon as it launched back in the 50s and was going strong till the last decade without much to no competition remaining the only major mean of audiovisual entertainment and it was only just after last decade that it started getting some competition from its streaming counterparts and gradually lost some market share. 

On the other hand, the internet is a technology which hands down is considered the best and most useful tool of our time due to its vast range of uses and incredible adaptability because of which it has seamlessly integrated into all walks of life and is allowing users to conduct day to day tasks with ease and convenience.

Why Identifying the Right Bundle and Provider is Important?

Since internet and cable TV are very important services thus users must choose the best provider and packages in order to suffice their requirements. Users should look out for bundles from major brands for example Cox bundles could be a viable solution as they provide pretty good internet and cable services. 

Choosing the right provider especially for the internet is extremely important since the internet has now transcended over from being a luxury to an utmost necessity. As people are doing important tasks like online education and working from home over the internet, this means that getting a bad connection can threaten someone’s career and education both. 

This is serious considering after the pandemic. The internet has become the backbone of the world’s infrastructure that means that this decision needs to be taken wisely.

On the other hand, cable has been an entertainment medium that’s very dear to some people as they like to watch their favorite channels and no amount of online mediums are going to be enough to suffice their needs. That’s why choosing the right cable provider and package is important. 

One more thing here is that not all providers are equal in terms of quality of service and there are almost 450 providers that offer both cable and internet services so choosing the right package and provider might become difficult, out of so many options. Plus not every provider is offering services in all areas so there is quite a bit of research that goes into the coverage area the types of services and the bundles and packages to finally figure out the right one according to your needs. 

Best Bundles in 2022

At the start of the new year, many people are looking to set up new services since most of them are moving from existing address or their promotion period and contract is expired with their current providers and we are sure this new year is going to be no different. 

That is why we have specially written this piece for our readers who are looking to get new cable and internet services at the start of this year. Below mentioned bundles are the best ones you can get at the start of 2022 and all of them are coming from major providers.  

Spectrum Double Play Select

Spectrum Double Plays are one of the best cable and internet bundles that money can buy. It’s coming from the second biggest provider in the USA so consumers can easily trust the services considering their getting from one of the best providers. 

The bundle includes up to 200Mbps internet with unlimited data, with a lot of free stuff like internet modem, security suite, and access to hotspots. On the cable end, users get more than 125 plus channels with free HD support and a Spectrum TV app to watch live content on the go. Viewers also get access to thousands of on-demand content including the latest movies and sitcoms. All this without any contracts or commitment plus a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Cox Internet Preferred + Contour TV Preferred  

Cox is the third-largest cable provider in America and it also has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to bundles. Cox bundles are tailor-made and flexible enough to cater to different types of users. However, we consider the preferred bundle to be the best one as it is most balance regarding services and value to money.

The preferred internet has up to 150 Mbps of speed and a data limit of 1.25TB along with a free security suite by MacAfee and access to hotspots. On the cable front, it really shines with 140 plus channels a free HD Box, a free Subscription to HBO Max, and a contour streaming app to watch content on the go. No other provider offers so much free stuff, however, the only downside might be the limited data and the contract for one year that the users have to sign up to.  

Xfinity Select+

Last but certainly not least comes Xfinity, the biggest service provider in the country. Xfinity is practically everywhere in the States and with the biggest market cap, users can rest assured that they are in safe hands. 

Their best bundle according to us is Select+ which is a dream come true for every internet and cable user as it comes with up to 400Mbps internet and a TV with 185 plus HD channels including premium stuff like NFL Network and NBA TV. Users also get the first TV box included in the package and Xfinity Stream App to watch TV on the go and lots of on-demand content. 

It is the most competitively priced bundle however it comes with a two-year contract with the provider.  

Summing Up 

Internet and cable are the most used services and people are quite sensitive towards the pieces of technology. Plus this is also a fact that the service quality has gone down significantly over the past few years while the prices of these services have gone up. Since there are so many providers offering different types of cable and internet bundles we thought at the start of this new year why not educate our readers about the best internet and cable bundles that are out there so consumers can make a better selection of services while saving the cost as well.


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