Best Cordless leaf Blowers You Should Buy in 2019

Cordless leaf Blowers

Let us be real, none of us likes to spend time in our backyards simply cleaning the mess. However, getting our lawns and backyards all clean and free from the dead leaves is our ultimate cleaning goal.

Therefore, most of us struggle to find those best cordless leaf blowers which clean the mess in no time without the need for power sources.

While the markets are full of such brands claiming that they make the best cordless leaf blowers, not all of them are worthy of your attention.

To make your backyard cleaning easier and hassle-free, we have compiled some of the best cordless leaf blowers available currently in the market. All these machines have the ability to provide you with the best service in economical rates. So, let the journey begin.

1- Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower

Being one of the most powerful Blower in the market, the Greenworks Cordless Blower is a useful tool for the yards requiring intense cleaning.

It has an easy to use interface and can be used in 6 different speeds through its two blower tubes depending upon the intensity of the cleaning you need.


  • With it 150 mph wind speed, this amazing blower can eat up the entire mess within minutes and that, too, without making any noise at all.
  • It has an elegant design and is easy to carry because of its light build which also makes it a portable device requiring small space for storage.
  • This is one of those best cordless leaf blowers that run with a battery till now.
  • A fully charged battery keeps the machine working for almost half an hour and, in some cases, a few more minutes too.

2- Worx PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Leaf BlowerSpeed Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

The all-new Worx PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Leaf Blower powerfully cleans the whole yard within minutes. You can customize the blower with its 2-Speed controls and can use it single-handedly.

Worx PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Leaf Blower has the ability to clean both the leaves as well as the debris in no time and without even putting in any effort. The system comes with an air nozzle featuring the hyper-steam technology which makes its operation a noise-free experience.


  • Besides, the all-new turbine technology featured by this blower offers high-capacity of air flow that is up to 340 cfm.
  • The light-weight and stylish features of this blower make it an easy to use as well as an easy to store machine.
  • Just a single button can get the blower started and the very same button turns it off.
  • The blower gets charged by a single wire and the charge gets completed in just two hours.
  • Its battery has a run-time of up to 35 minutes while the whole cleaning process takes no more than 5 minutes.
  • This efficient machine comes with the 3 years of limited warranty from the company.
  • Overall, this cleaner is a really useful device for its price and its noiseless features with efficient technology and portable design make it easy to use.

3- EGO Power+ LB4803 480CFM 2.5Ah 3-Speed Turbo 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

If you have a flexible budget, then Ego Power+ 3-Speed Turbo Cordless Blower should be your first choice while looking for the best Cordless leaf Blowers in the market.


Packed with a number of useful features, this cordless blower is currently one of the best sellers in markets.

  • Its portability and an easy user interface make it so useful that even the kids in houses can be employed to clean the yards through it.
  • It takes up small storage space and can be stored anywhere.
  • Because of its Turbine Fan Engineering, this Ego Power’s Blower offers a power-packed performance.
  • It has a durable, high- grade brushless motor which makes no noise while working.
  • This blower’s speed can be easily adjusted and it is designed to automatically consume less and a decent amount of energy when the battery is low.
  • The only con of this blower is its pricing which cannot be afforded by everyone.

However, considering the features this blower comes with, the price seems like a fair deal. This blower comes with a 5 Year warranty from the company as well.


Considering the above-given blowers and comparing them to others in the market, you can easily judge these as the most affordable yet best.


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