Best Parental control apps to monitor Kid’s Online Activities

Parental control apps
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In this digital era, we provide various mobile devices to our kids which become an integral part of their education system. The Internet consists of several other sites that can be inappropriate for the innocent mind of a child. That is why parents are worried about their kid’s online activities to ensure protection against online wolves who want to spoil the life and career of students. There are several ways to ensure that your kids are safe from any such unfavorable circumstances. One such way is to use a parental control app. There are many parental control apps available in the market these days. Here are some of the best parental control app that can effectively monitor Kid’s online activities.

Google Chrome Parental control settings

Google chrome parental control

Yes, you heard this right. Google chrome browser has settings where you can supervise your Kid’s Google account. Parents need to install the Google Family app on kids as well as their own devices. Select the parent Google account and add a child’s account. Input the nine-digit code to link the device. You can guide your kids to good sites that are informative and restrict the bad websites that consist of inappropriate content. Google chrome parental controls can monitor online activity on the kid’s phone and restrict apps and sites that are considered unsuitable for children.

FamiSafe: –


 This parental control app is compatible with both android and apple devices. It is an effective online monitoring app where parents can keep an eye on browser activity of their children, and monitor their social media activities. You can track the exact location using a real-time GPS tracking system. This app can also send a notification after detecting explicit or suspicious photo detection on a kid’s device. This feature ensures that kids are protected from an online bully on social media networking sites. Download FamiSafe from the play store or Apple store right now.

Spyzie Parental control app

Spyzie Parental control app

Spyzie is the leading online monitoring service that allows parents to keep track of phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media activities of kids. This parental control is compatible with all operating systems and has an excellent user interface. The basic operations, like restricting the pornographic or adult sites, can easily be blocked using this application. They are available free of cost; however, you can also upgrade the plan anytime to get full access to features. This parental control app has a real-time GPS tracking system to ensure the protection of kids from kidnappers.

Online thefts, child abuse, social media bullying, and Kid’s kidnapping is prevalent in modern times. We must protect our kids from indulging in any such criminal activities and protect them against the risk of being kidnapped. The parental control app is an effective way to monitor the mobile activities of your child. You can check which application on your child’s phone is consuming the greatest amount of time, and you can restrict the use of such time-consuming apps remotely on their phone. The Internet has become an integral part of the education system during the lockdown period to fight against Covid 19.

The selection of good parental control becomes essential, especially to those businessmen who are getting threats of kids being kidnapped. Parents are often worried about their kid’s safety when they are returning home from schools or tuition classes. To protect our kids from any such potential dangers, we must install parental control apps on their devices. In this way, we can use a real-time GPS tracking system to ensure their safety as well. Some kids watch porn or adult sites or play games on their mobile devices during their study time. Using these parental control apps, you can keep an eye on any such activity on your kid’s phone.


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