Best Places to Visit in Malta

Valletta, Malta: skyline from Marsans Harbour at sunset
Valletta, Malta: skyline from Marsans Harbour at sunset. The cathedral

Malta is a small archipelago and you know what! There are so much variety and lots of captivating looking attractions in it. A large number of appealing and mesmerizing attractions have squeezed in this small archipelago.

To begin, let us have a look at Complete Guide to Visit Malta. This destination is packed with so many cultures which influence each other for generations and generations. Furthermore, Maltese food is a real and genuine combination of Middle Eastern as well as Sicilian aspects.

The lifestyle of people living over here is the perfection fusion of modernity and prehistoric times. Moreover, here you will get all types of modern amenities. It’s most famous and popular asset is the gorgeous and worth seeing deep blue sea.

Even more, people love to visit Malta because it is surrounded by red-gold beaches and limestone cliffs. It has sheltered bays and no doubt so much more!

Valletta- Marked as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Most importantly, Valletta is the capital of Malta. It is built and constructed on a peninsula which is located in the eastern part of Malta. Most probably, it comprises and encompasses the population of 6000 people.

In addition to, this entire and whole town is marked and identified as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town actually and mainly sits on the top section of Mount Sceberras.

Besides, it manages to show wonderful examples and sites of baroque architecture. Some of the main attractions of this Malta capital are St. John’s Cathedral and the Grand Harbour.

Birzebbuga- Famous seaside resort town

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Also, we have another popular place for you which you should visit if you are in Malta. It is Birzebbuga! Beyond, it is a popular and one of the seaside resort towns. People prefer to visit this resort town because of the sandy beach of Pretty Bay present in it.

It is packed with an enormous number of high-quality restaurants, shops. Moreover, you should visit the rocky beach of St. George’s Bay. It is quite popular and highly loved by snorkelers, sailors as well as by fishermen.

Thus, Birzebbuga encompasses and surrounded by a long and colorful track of history. Explore this place if you are in Malta!

Fgura- The important commercial center of Malta

No doubt, Fgura is also one of the best places to visit in Malta. In the old times, it was marked as a small farming community. Most importantly, it is now marked and officially identified as an important commercial center of Malta.

It comprises and composed of one of the largest population densities so far in the subjected country. Besides, it is actually a residential town rather than calling it a tourist destination.

Moreover, you are going to see and get amazed by a fair share of attractions present in it. If you are in Fgura then do nor forget to check out the Reggie Miller Gardens and also Patri Regent Gauci Gardens. Most probably, you will love them!

Marsaxlokk- Picturesque fishing village

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It is a must for you to check out and visit Malta’s largest fishing harbor, we are talking about Marsaxlokk!

Most certainly, you may have heard that this fishing harbor is is a small and one of the picturesque fishing villages in Malta. In the harbor, you are going to spot lots of open-air markets.

Plenty number of colorful boats are there. Furthermore, there are beautiful coves in this fishing village. By visiting this coves, you can well and extensively enjoy snorkeling and swimming activities.

Naxxar- The most charming village of Malta

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Naxxar is one of the charming villages of Malta and those who have already visited Naxxar, they will for sure agree with us!

The inhabitants of this village have managed to retain and secure their traditional culture and also customs. However, by visiting this village, you will always have an enjoyable day.

This town is packed with narrow streets. You can visit and view the town chapels. Moreover, you can relax yourself in the public gardens. It has amazing restaurants and cafes and pleasant wine bars in it.

Sliema- The Maltese hub for tasty food and shopping

Sliema is the actual and main Maltese hub when we talk about grabbing delicious food and also love to do lots of shopping.

In addition to, it has now become the main resort destination. People love to have their boat trips over here which they make around the Grand Harbour.

Rabat- The most enchanting looking village of Malta

Furthermore, we have Rabat for you which is also one of the enchanting looking villages of Malta. It was once marked as a suburb of Mdina.

Now, it is counted and identified as a separate village. However, if you are currently in Rabat, then the most interesting thing which you can do right now is to visit St. Paul’s Grotto.

It is a cave where an underground tunnel will take you to the Wignacourt Museum. Beyond, this museum houses and comprises various collections of different artwork pieces and antique furniture.

Birgu- Known for rich military history

Birgu is one of the oldest and highly popular Eastern Malta’s fortified cities. It is known because of its rich maritime as well as rich military history. In addition, this city is wholly surrounded and packed by fortified walls.

You can enter into this city by using any of the three different gates. Lastly, the important and main historical attractions of this city are the Notre Dame Gate, Fort St. Angelo as well the Inquisitor’s Palace.


To summarize, we also like to mention about this lovely and amazing seaside resort town, it is Qawra! Here you can try different water sports which generally includes snorkeling, SCUBA diving and also banana boating.

Or you can even do jet skiing, and kayaking. Keep connected with us as more of the details on A Complete Guide to Visit Malta is coming up.

Thus, we are sure that you are almost planning in your head that your next holiday destination will for sure be Malta. Moreover, do share your feedback if you have ever visited Malta.

And pen down your moments as how much you enjoyed over there!


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