Biggest Trends in Master Bedroom Decor in 2020

Bedroom Decor in 2020

Master bedroom decor ideas can help yo1004u transform your bedroom not only to look better but to sleep better too. While many different trends enter the master bedroom arena, the ones that tend to stick are designs that stand the test of time. 

The biggest and best master bedroom trends in 2020 revolve around design that helps individuals and couples sleep better. Sleep is trending, and there is a good reason for it. Burnout and hustle culture is not suitable for health and wellbeing. 

Proper sleep, which should be restorative, can only be achieved with healthy sleep habits as well as a bedroom designed to support deep sleep. The critical way to get better sleep in 2020 is to invest in the most comfortable mattress possible, which seems to be a memory foam mattress – but more on that later.

The most trendy bedroom decor of 2020 supports healthy sleeping habits and has a more minimalist bedroom decor feel. Another big trend in 2020 is a Feng Shui designed bedroom. 

Minimalist Bedroom Decor 

Minimalism is on the rise. The less is more principle is focussed on reducing clutter and creating a monochrome design that is appealing to the eye as well as to a better sleep routine. Minimalist design trends of 2020 focus on creating versatile and intimate spaces that combine efficient storage and the use of cozy yet refined textures. 

Minimalist designs are centered around the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom, which is, of course, the bed. Adjustable bed frames wildly popular in minimalist master bedroom decor in 2020. Adjustable bed bases come in all sizes. The best size for couples is a split-king size. This allows each side of the bed to be controlled independently. Yes, control is the right word. These high-tech bed frames come complete with wireless remote controls to adjust the back and leg height. This is perfect for bedtime reading or watching television in the bedroom. 

As well as the ability to adjust the height of the adjustable base, the best frames on the market also have massage functions, LED lighting for the middle of the night bathroom visits, and USB ports to put an end to arguments over the phone charger. 

Nature-inspired minimalist design is a hot option for the master bedroom. To achieve a nature-inspired minimalist design, feature 2 – 3 indoor plants in the bedroom. Plants should get lots of natural light and be taken care of. Plants not only look beautiful, but they also help to freshen the air and reduce dryness that can irritate the skin and sinus. 

Subtle textures such as faux fur rugs, upholstered ottomans for larger bedrooms, light curtains are all quite popular additions to minimalist bedroom decor.   

Feng Shui Bedroom Decor 

Another huge master bedroom decor trend of 2020 is Feng Shui. Feng Shui bedroom decor is dictated by the ancient Chinese organization principle of Feng Shui, which aims to balance the flow of energy in the bedroom strategically. 

The critical requirements of a master bedroom designed with Feng Shui are purpose and positioning. Everything in the bedroom must have a specific purpose. For example, according to Feng Shui, you should only have the book you are currently reading placed in the bedroom. Stacks of books on a shelf not only take up room, but they can cause distraction and impact your mood if you haven’t had time to read.

The mattress you sleep on should be the best mattress for the type of sleeper you are. You should have a couch or ottoman that you don’t use. Plus, you should never use the bedroom to store unnecessary items like remnants of past relationships, photo albums, excess bedding, useless paperwork – you get the idea. All these items carry energy that can impact the positivity of a room. Clutter also affects sleep quality. 

The other guiding rule of Feng Shui is positioning. You must never place your bed in such a way that your legs are directly facing the door. This is called the coffin position, and it is said it the worst way to sleep. The bed and mattress should be positioned in a way where the door is within view but not directly in front of the body.

The other positioning rule for Feng Shui master bedroom decor trends in 2020 is symmetry. Never have just one nightstand, this is not good for the flow of energy in the bedroom, plus, it is not practical for a shared bedroom. 

Find Best Bed Before Everything Else

No matter what master bedroom decor direction you choose to take, one thing remains consistent in all bedroom design: start with the bed first. If you have a luxuriously fancy bedroom that looks amazing but doesn’t help you sleep, you need to consider a redesign. 

When selecting the best bed for quality sleep, you don’t need to leave your house. From the comfort of your home, you can do some online research about the best-rated mattress brands on the market. Almost all the most comfortable mattresses on the market can be purchased online and delivered to your house for free within just a few days. Many of the best online beds also come with a trial period so you can upgrade your master bedroom with peace of mind. 

The best-rated mattresses are memory foam. They are best for master bedroom decor because as well as being so comfortable, they also isolate motion. This means that when your partner moves in the night, you won’t feel the mattress bounce or shake. 

When reading online mattress reviews, be sure that the bed you choose is a cooling mattress. Regulating temperature, primarily through the changing seasons, is a critical factor for deep sleep.  

So there you have it. If you are ready to design, start looking for minimalist and Feng Shui master bedroom decor ideas. Not only will these designs look great for years to come, but importantly, you will also notice that you get better sleep! 


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