Borderlands 3 Release Date, Trailer, What’s New and More You Want to Know!

Brilliant features and amazing characters awaiting you in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3

Borderland is a popular FPS game. However, Borderlands 3 teaser has been released for the period of some times now. Although, the Borderlands game was released sometimes in 2019 at PAX East.

Normally, the company discloses the Borderlands 3 release date and more information that the fans want to know with more eagerly. Here we will tell you more popular information about the game.

Borderlands 3: Release Date and Platforms Supported

The Borderlands 3 is one of the famous action-role first-person shooter video games. It was created by Gearbox Software.  It was published on multiple platforms. This game series has four parts. Each part has separate several downloadable contents with amazing features.

The game is expected to release on 10th October 2019. However, some teaser trailer has confirmed the release date on September 13th, 2019. This game series also support the PS4, PC and XBOX 1.

Borderland 1 has been released in 2009 and Borderlands 2 in 2012. Now the new sequel Borderlands 3 is a more geographically featured game by Telltale Games. Borderlands 3 characters are amazing and have brilliant skins and features.

Borderlands 3: Pre-Order Details and Price

This series getting more fame by having a loot-driven multiplayer. You can easily estimate about its familiarity as its 26 million copies of the game had been shipped in all over the world.

well, the Borderlands 3 release make the fans happier as they enjoying the earlier seasons of the series. Usually, the game is available live on online orders. However, its online price is $54.99 in the UK. However, the US pre-orders have not been placed yet but soon it will be available live shortly.

But the game lovers can also purchase the CDs of the game from Epic Stores. The famous edition of the Borderlands 3 with the feature of Diamond Loot Chest is also available online for $249.99.


However, here I will show you the Borderlands 3 trailers through which you can see what will wait for you in this upcoming series of the game.

Below trailer show you the real action of the game that amazes the environment more dramatically.




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