Legal Ways to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Online Streaming Services

Legal Ways to watch Game of Thrones Season 8

The recent fever of Game of Thrones has infected almost everyone and ways on how to watch the latest season are being searched and discussed.

Those who have not already seen the previous seasons are racing to catch up and here are links on how you can! That too legally!

People with cable subscriptions are lying around in their houses at peace while those who canceled their subscriptions are wondering how to satisfy their curiosity on what happens in the final and latest season.

Sadly, due to the fierce competition between the two main entertainment channels – HBO and Netflix, you will not be able to stream the final season on Netflix, Inc.; however, you can now watch it online or on an Apple TV. The best way, though, besides HBO cable subscription is to tune into HBO Now or HBO Go.

Streaming on HBO Now:

HBO Now, just like Netflix, does not need a connection to a cable service provider and lets you avail its services trouble free.

However, a monthly subscription fee is applied, costing you $14.99 and you have to download the application or sign up on its website to register your account.

After you are done registering, you can log in and watch the march of White Walkers as they attack the Seven Kingdoms in Season 8.

Streaming on HBO Go:

For this, you have to have a cable subscription for HBO, and then you can tune in to online stream the most excited TV shows’ final season. It is, therefore, a free service and you can satisfy the hype by logging into it on your laptops, tablets or even on mobile through the HBO Go application.

However, the only drawback is that if you don’t have the cable tv subscription of HBO, you can not avail this blessing.

Streaming on Hulu:

HBO does not readily share streaming rights for the Game of Thrones with other service providers and rightly so, considering it is said that almost 1 billion people will be watching the first episode of season 8 when it comes out on 14th April 2019. Though you will have to buy additional HBO package on your usual Hulu subscription which will cost you $14.99.

Plus point, however, is that you can avail the 1-month free trial package of HBO Go and therefore, can watch half the season or wait till half comes out and watch the two-month long season in one month for FREE!

Cost effective deal:

The significant problems with HBO subscriptions are due to regional restrictions. However, the great news is that these can be easily bypassed using a VPN that works fast and is secure and legal.


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