Best Places to buy a Traditional Area rugs in 2020

Traditional Area rugs

Traditional Area rugs in 2020 can actually set the environment of a room. They have soft and neutral colors that can enhance the beauty of the floor and the room. You can come up with some new decoration schemes based on the bold colors of these rugs. The best part is that you can keep the same furniture and still have a quick change in your room by adding new Traditional Area rugs in 2020. 

Area rugs provide you with a smooth surface to walk on while adding to the décor of your room. You can also improve the acoustics inside a room by adding an area rug to it. It will prevent your voice from echoing and make the room relatively quieter.  

However, there are several factors to consider while purchasing a traditional area rug, such as design, patterns, cost, and style. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you buy from a place that has some worthwhile options. With a huge variety of traditional area rugs available on these stores, you can pick one that not only looks great but also saves you money. Some stores and websites offer a wide range of rugs that can complement your furniture.

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Best Places to Buy Traditional Area rugs in 2020

Indeed, nothing but an ideal rug can complete a room. Rugs come in a variety of sizes, and so you can put them in your dining room, living room, drawing room, or just about any room of the house. Not to mention that they can keep your marble and tiled floors warm during the winter season. 

Following are the best places that can provide you with endless options so you can pick the one that suits your décor and interior design. 


If you’re having difficulties in finding the right rug, look no further than Eyely for all types of rugs. You’ll find Bohemian, Southwestern, Vintage, and many more styles from just one place. Eyely is pretty famous for its outdoor and indoor decoration items.

You’ll find a lot of traditional rugs in different shapes and sizes, and each has a unique pattern. Other than this, the material of each rug differs as well. You can find rugs made of jute, synthetic materials, natural fiber, and polypropylene. The variety of options available at Eyely can make it difficult for you to choose one favorite, but you shouldn’t have any problems if you know our requirements well.

Keep in mind the size and shape that would fit perfectly in the room where you want to put the rug. Other than this, try to find a color that would go along with the furniture and the rest of the setting around the rug. 

Rugs USA

The main idea of Rugs USA is to promote Persian and bold geometric designs. Their traditional area rug offers an oversized round shape and styles, which can help you accomplish all that you expect from an area rug. 

You can also find traditional area rugs with different sizes and styles for your kitchen floor, living room, or bedroom. Choose dark colors for area that have a lot of foot traffic because the lighter tones will start looking dirty fast.

However, the best part about buying traditional area rugs from Rugs USA is that they come at affordable prices because you can get them at wholesale rates.

The Citizenry

The Citizenry provides home decoration products and practices social ethics in its business. Their traditional area rugs present arts from all over the world. Without a doubt, their high-quality and handmade area rugs are an inspiration in the global rug market. These rugs will often remind you of Indian motifs, earthy palettes, and southwestern styles. All of them are made of organic and natural plant fibers. Natural fiber and braided tassels in your area rug will create coziness and a perfect classy look in your living area.

World Market

The bohemian style of traditional area rugs from the World Market are some of the trendiest rugs you can get your hands on. You can buy many different types of traditional area rugs from world market, including colorful geometric patterns, basketweave, tassels around the rug, multicolor designs, and cable wrinkle-type textures. These features will make your rooms come to life when you add the right traditional area rug to them.

Moreover, traditional area rugs from World Market are environmentally friendly. They manufacture them with natural wool, leather pieces, and the designing is neutral so you can use your rug in any room. Usually, you don’t have to spend too much money out of your pocket to buy these rugs.  


You can buy just about anything from Amazon, and they also have traditional area rugs. There are many different colors, trending styles, and several brands. The advantage of shopping on Amazon for traditional area rugs is that you can get some great discounts on your purchases.

The vast collection of rugs might be a bit overwhelming and make the decision making process difficult. You can read reviews and complete product details on Amazon before you make your purchase. Amazon is a great place to purchase rugs because you get to read unbiased reviews from real customers. If you have any unanswered questions, you can ask them on the product page and the users will reply promptly.  

Ben Soleimani

You can easily buy luxury traditional area rugs with high-quality and style from Ben Soleimani. On his website, you can find some amazing traditional and hand-woven rugs. If you’d like premium rugs from one of the best designers of the world, you should try some from Ben Soleimani. 

You can have these rugs in different colors, styles, and sizes. They refresh their collections with every season. For example, in summers, you can see sunflower patterns or summer colors, such as yellow, green, and blue. 

Final Thoughts

Finding an area rug that suits your décor is not an easy task. It can be tricky, but you should find a great variety at the places stated above. These best places have Moroccan, Turkish, bold, vintage, patterned, and many other types of rugs available. Do make sure that you measure the dimensions of your room before you shop for the right cheap area rug online. You want one that’s big enough to leave an impression and small enough to catch the attention of your guests to a particular area in the room. 


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