Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant

In many cartoons and comics, we see dogs falling in love with cats and living happily together. This makes us believe that dogs and cats are attracted to each other and can have babies. However, we must justify whether can dogs get cats pregnant.

It is a myth that dogs and cats can’t produce offspring because they can’t mate. We see them humping and cuddling, thinking they are mating, but no, they are just passing the time.

You see, dogs and cats are different species and have different body structures. Their genes, DNA, and habits don’t match. So they can’t breed. Let’s know more about them.

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant?

Dogs can’t get cats pregnant, as they belong to separate species groups. Most of us call our dogs canine friends because dogs belong to the canine or canidae family. Similarly, cat owners call their cats feline friends because cats belong to the feline, or Felidae, family.

Canine species and feline species neither have the same DNA nor the same number of chromosomes. Chromosomes are substances present in the animal body that hold DNA. They almost look like threads.

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant

Most importantly, the genes of cats and dogs are not compatible with each other. There are more reasons for a dog not to get a cat pregnant. We will get to it later.

Biological Comparisons Between Cats And Dogs

Dogs and cats indeed have biological differences, which is why they can’t produce offspring.

As said before, dogs and cats have different numbers of chromosomes. Cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, which makes them 38, whereas dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, which makes them 78.

Chromosomes make the basic genetic material function well. If that doesn’t match between a dog and a cat, there is no chance for them to have a baby.

Two living beings or animals need the same type of reproductive organs, which dogs and cats don’t have. Also, a dog can never be sexually attracted to a cat, and vice versa.

The pack behavior between a cat and a dog is poles apart. For example, dogs like to live in groups, whereas cats like to live alone. Also, their eating habits don’t match, which doesn’t make them compatible with each other.

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant If They Mate?

Dogs and cats can’t produce offspring, even if they mate. Because a dog’s sperm can never cooperate with a cat’s egg. Hence, they can’t have puppy or kitten hybrids.

There is a prezygotic barrier, known as a natural fence, that prevents mating for cats and dogs. The barrier could be genetic, territorial, behavioural, or structural. For instance, dogs and cats have incompatible DNA, and their mating seasons are different.

Two living beings need similar DNA to produce offspring, and dogs and cats don’t have the same DNA. Besides, the dog is a canine animal, and the cat is a Felidae animal.

Dogs may be impregnated or get pregnant by coyotes, foxes, and wolves because they belong to a canine group like dogs. In the same way, cats can impregnate or get pregnant by tigers, lions, and cheetahs because they belong to a feline group like cats. It means the gene pool has to be the same to have a hybrid.

Why Do Dogs Hump On Cats?

Dogs usually hump on cats, although they can’t impregnate cats. They view the thought of humping differently.

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant

We humans show mating behavior when we have an attraction to the opposite sex, but for cats and dogs, this behaviour is very normal. They not only hump on each other but also on other animals, including humans. Let’s see what induces the jumping behaviour in canines and felines.

When They Are Under Stress

Dogs and cats do strange things when they are stressed. Also, anxiety makes them hump for coping. Their reactionary behaviour is a way for them to have a distraction.

When dogs and cats are stressed, they not only hump on each other but also eat less and bark all the time.

To Show Dominance

The dominating habit is more common in dogs than cats. It makes them wild as well.

Dogs may hump cats and other animals when they try to show themselves stronger in front of weak animals. Male dogs hump other male animals to show dominance. The same goes for female dogs.

When They Feel Bored

Have you ever seen a dog chewing, jumping, or doing other awkward activities? It could be because he is feeling bored and wants attention. His boredom can make him hump like a cat. It is a way for his entertainment, and we often mistake it for mating.

It Can Be Medical Concerns

Dogs and cats can go crazy when their testosterone levels climb. It occurs when they are not neutered.

Increasing the testosterone level can make canines and felines aggressive towards each other. Besides, unspayed female cats will try to seek male dogs’ attention, which looks like humping.

Can Dogs Get Other Animals Pregnant?

Dogs can’t make cats pregnant, but they can make other animals pregnant. How? For that, two animals must belong to the same group of species. For instance, a dog can mate with a wolfdog, coydog, doggie, jackal dog, dingo dog, sulimov dog, and so on. It is because these animals are canines, like dogs. Also, they fall into the same gene pool, which makes it possible for them to produce offspring.


Like dogs, cats can also mate with other animals if they fall into the same gene pool. For example, Bengal cats, cheetah cats, Toygers, chausies, jungle curls, highlanders, Caracas, etc. can mate with cats. It is because they are all felines, like cats, and have similarities in behaviour and body.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant?

Can a female dog get pregnant by two male dogs?

There is a scientific term known as superfecundation. It makes it possible for a female dog, especially stray and unspayed dogs, to get pregnant by two or more male dogs.

How do dogs mate?

Dogs need to make several attempts to mate with a canine without any additional help. Once they come into position, they can continue mating with each other.

How many times can a dog get pregnant?

A dog can have more than ten litters if it doesn’t die prematurely. However, dogs suffering from medical issues may not have ten litters in their lifetime; it could be less than ten litters.

Can a cat get pregnant quickly?

Unspayed female cats can get pregnant within 6 months after birth; sometimes it can be four months. It depends on the cat when he goes into heat. Within the first heat, the cat can get pregnant.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering, Can dogs get cats pregnant? The answer is no. Animals belonging to different groups of species can never breed, whether it is a cat and a dog or an elephant and a crocodile. To produce offspring, they must have similar DNA, genes, and other biological matters.

Let’s say a male dog and a female cat mated. Yet they can’t have any kittens or puppies. If you ever see a dog humping on a cat or vice versa, the reason could be anything except the physical attraction.


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