Captain Marvel: New Upcoming Movie , Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Poster

Captain Marvel is the name of several fictional superheroes. Watch it on American cinemas on 8th March 2019.

Captain Marvel Movie

American upcoming film “Captain Marvel” is a story of a superhero. It revolves around the marvel comics role perform by Carol Danvers.

The movie is directed and written by the team of American writers and director Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. And the production of Marvel Studio.

The budget of the movie is 152 million dollars. The date of release of the movie “Captain Marvel” is 8th March 2019. The story shows the power of a woman. The woman has some magical powers like a superhero. It’s good to see a woman with some superpowers as captain marvel has.

The captain Marvel releases its two trailers. And people like these trailers most. They want to see the superpowers of that Captain Marvel. Awesome, that action sequence is what people want to see in such movies.

The first trailer of the movie Captain Marvel is a major step back for the people. The first trailer was impressive and had that ominous score under it. This was just bad dialogue and subpar CGI. Any of the scenes where she is in the helmet flying around space just looks great. The second trailer also seems as good. Different people show different expressions about the movie.

Captain Marvel fights many fights against the cruel. She looks longer, stronger and more superior to others. She plays a very vital role with her team.

Now, how the captain marvel fights, to know about her superpowers. Rush towards the big screen on 8th March 2019. It will be a great pleasure for all ages.


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