Cells at work season 2 Hilarious Anime With Cells As Characters

Cells At Work season 2

Damn, Cells at work season 2! Did infiltrate what Jones tried and failed: it allows you to learn new things without hindering interesting and cute cell growth stories. The show managed to take all the actions typical of anime, blood, and cute little animals and combine them with actual microbiology courses.

In “Cells at Work!”, each episode is full of bacteria that try to cause damage to the human body while evading any immune cells they might encounter. Even though many invaders manage to get through the cracks and cause infections that take days to subside, the cells are still working! It has done a great job demonstrating how the immune system can detect and process foreign objects without any adverse effects on the human host.

Cells at work season 2 are known by the name ‘Hataraku Saibou.’ It initially premiered on July eight, 2018. It started airing in season a pair of on January nine, 2021. These cells gained lots of fans in very little time. It revolves around the cells of the human body. The story concerning the assorted issues featured by AE3803(A Red Blood Cell) and U-1146(A White Blood Cell) inside the human body.

Cells at work season 2 Overview

If you have watched the first season of this series, you already have a pretty good idea of what the second season looks like. Having a different scenario from the first, it explores several parts of the human body, such as the human scalp.

One thing I found interesting about this season is, there are a few episodes. For example, the one about the scalp was broadcast simultaneously as their Code Black counterparts. This allowed viewers to see the contrast between a healthy and unhealthy body easily.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this season and the first season is that it’s not that red blood cells become the protagonist, The role is transferred to white blood cells. Also, for most of the time after the first episode, red blood cells will be pushed to the background.

At the red blood cell, we got a normal cell, and the white blood cell spreads in the human body. It’s a different character dynamic than what you’ll be used to from the first season.

Cells at work season 2 also introduce both good and neutral bacteria rather than just the bad bacteria featured in the first season. Depending on the situation, bacteria can be good bacteria, while human cells can be bad bacteria.

A Downgrade in Every Way

In this review, I will stop, especially about this series’s true feelings and this season. I am not a loyal supporter of the unit of work! I scored 6/10 for the first season, and this season is worse than that.

But please don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad anime. The first season was very enjoyable, but it got old soon. And since the second season didn’t really change the series’s structure in any way, it didn’t do anything to re-engage my interest.

For example, let’s look at a scenario involving normal cells returning beneficial bacteria to their family members. In a season of eight episodes, all three or four episodes follow the same story structure.

First, normal cells will lose track of good bacteria. Then, in the process of trying to find it, bad things happen to the body. Finally, the lost good bacteria will reappear with the family to save lives at the end of the year. One episode is fine, but three or more episodes are fine.

This brings me to one of the biggest problems this season: not vivid enough. I know that many people don’t like scene animation, but certain types can benefit from this structure. This is one of them. I think all the best cells are working! The plot is independent.

Finally, I think the OP and ED levels of this series are also lower than in the first season. I know some people prefer the second season’s OP, but I am not one of them. The ED in the first season is much better.

However, I am not the only one who thinks the first season is better. The average score of the two seasons on MyAnimeList shows that most viewers agree.

Cells at work season 2

You may have noticed that the season I mentioned only has eight episodes. That’s because there is not enough original material content to extend the season. Cells at work season 2! The manga has been completed, and in the last eight episodes, all the manga content has been adapted.

This means that we will not use batteries at work! !! -At least at all times. I guess comics are always possible to restart because there are still many stories about the human body that can be told. But I think this is unlikely.

Suppose you are a cell at work! Fans who are disappointed that the series is officially over, there are more work units! The content is for your consumption. At the same time of this season, a derivative product called “Cells at Work” is broadcast! The code is black!

We will make a separate comment on the series to not go into it too much here. But basically, Code Black is a severe version of the series. It happens in an unhealthy body, where everything that can go wrong will happen.

In the end, I think the main unit of work may be the best! This concludes the series. You can have too many good things. Although I don’t necessarily think this series is “good”, I think it will become “bad” if it is delayed too long.

Even in the second season, I think the series is beginning to be welcomed by people. Work in the cell for a season! Enough for me, I never really felt the need for a second time.

Cells at work in Season 2 Episode 8:

“Work Unit” is a Japanese manga series. Akane Shimizu wrote it. The 8th episode of Cells in Season 2 of Work was named “Cancer II”. All this has to do with cancer cells and their battle with ordinary Takahashi. David Production Studios developed the series. Yoko Kakihara is the screenwriter of the series, and Takahiko Yoshida handles the character design.

In episode 7, memory T cells lead the offense when fighting cancer cells. Cancer cells are part of the human body, and regulatory T cells enter them to prevent further attacks. T cells defeat three immune cells. Cancer cells capture U-1146 and transform it by ingesting carcinogens in toxic gases.

Ordinary cells will encounter many harmful bacteria. It tries to obtain it safely with lactic acid bacteria. The battle with cancer cells may continue in Episode 8. Lactic acid bacteria may have found a way to help cancer cells.

Viewers can watch the latest episode of “Funimation” with English subtitles and original Japanese audio. Mexican and other Latin American audiences can watch Spanish subtitles, and Brazilian audiences can watch Portuguese subtitles. Audiences in European countries such as Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden can watch “Wakanim” with English subtitles. All viewers can watch it on “AnimeLab”.

Where to watch Cells at work season 2:

On Funimation, you can see new scenes on the “motion unit” with the original Japanese voice and English subtitles while playing at Tokyo MX and its related sub-streams. Also, on Funimation, Brazilian viewers can watch anime with Portuguese subtitles, while Mexican and other Latin American viewers can watch anime with Spanish subtitles.

Viewers from some European countries, including Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, can watch English subtitles on Wakanim.

Viewers in French, German and Russian can watch programs with their respective subtitles on Wakanim. Italian viewers can watch programs with subtitles on Yamato Video’s YouTube channel.

For viewers in Australia and New Zealand, the ideal choice is AnimeLab, which can be accessed with English subtitles. Dream Asia has obtained permission to broadcast the arrangement in South and Southeast Asian countries. Netflix and Crunchyroll can use the “work unit” of Season 1, with unique Japanese voice and English subtitles.


Cells at Work!! Is a 5/10 from me. It was still somewhat enjoyable, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first season. And as I mentioned, it got very repetitive and began to drag on despite only being eight episodes long. If you weren’t a huge fan of the first season, there’s no reason to watch this one.

FAQ of Cells at work season 2

Does the cell at work have a season 2?

The release date of Season 2 is confirmed as 2021: When will Hataraku Saibou Season 2 be released? A new trailer shows, “The cell is working!” The release date for season 2 will begin in the winter of 2021.

Are the white blood cells in the cells at work like red blood cells?

White blood cells like red blood cells because when she gets lost, he tries (sometimes secretly) to help her. Although “red blood cells” seem to like “white blood cells”, there is no romantic progress in the entire 13 episodes.

Are Cells at work season 2?

2 Unforeseen plot twists

Although the cells are working! Persist in taking practical solutions to any problems encountered by the body. The show does a great job of creating suspense for each disease and solutions that surprise viewers.

Are the work cell and work cell black?

Based on the same name’s spin-off comic, “Working Cell: Black” tells the same story under even worse conditions. This time, the problematic body was destroyed by the effects of smoking, alcoholism, and excessive life expectancy, which caused a flood of bacteria and formed traces of blood damage and cell overwork.

Does the unit work on Netflix?

Chipping anime series “Cells at Work”! In the 2018 series currently available on Netflix and Crunchyroll, this dizzy, directional challenge red blood cell tries to do its best to deliver oxygen to the entire body’s cells while avoiding bacteria, bacteria, and Disasters continue to occur in the form of bacterial invasion. Virus.

What is the cell diagram at work?

Conspiracy. The story tells a human world. This world represents approximately 37.2 trillion anthropomorphic cells. These cities cooperate endlessly every day to run their world. They work hard to eliminate and resist pathogenic cells, such as bacteria and bacteria, from invading the body every day.

Will the cell at work be dirty?

In general, this is PG-13; since immune cells use knives and spears to kill invading bacteria, this action is very bloody.

Are ecchi cells working?

The content has changed from the body function in CODE BLACK to disease and is darker, edgier, hotter, sexier, bloodier, and more expensive than the original content. Its creator is an ecchi artist.

Is the unit of work on Netflix Code Black?

CODE BLACK is not available on US Netflix, but you can now unlock it in the US and start watching! With a few simple steps, you can change the Netflix region to Japan and other countries and start watching Japanese Netflix, including units at work!

Are the cells at work interesting?

Cells at work! It is a comedy animation that tells the experience of the adventures of red blood cells, and red blood cells continuously locate themselves in the human body.



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