Best Chest Exercises for Women

chest exercises for women

Some women do not want to train with weights for fear of developing too many muscles, a factor they seek to avoid training based on cardiovascular exercise. However, weight loss is faster and more productive when cardio, combined with strength training with weights. Following the same line, chest exercises for women also refuse to work the breastplate because of the myths and rumors surrounding this practice.

There is a tendency to believe that training the pectoral muscle can cause the chest to suffer or cause it to decrease or increase in size. Is it true? Even if you’ve heard it over and over again, it’s not true. The mammary glands differ from the pectoral muscle and cannot be affected because of this training.

Precisely, what can happen is the opposite and make the chest look more slender and firm since the pectorals hold the chest. So the more we work them, the more toned they will be, and the more subject the casket will remain. Also, back pain reduced because it helps maintain proper body posture.

So, most of the women don’t know the benefits of doing chest exercises regularly. If they do, most of them don’t know how to do it in the correct ways. So, here is this guide; we will tell you exactly how to do it. Therefore, here are some of the best chest exercises for women:

Chest routine for women

Fitness experts recommend performing a daily pectoral routine of about 15 minutes to keep your chest toned. Logically, not only the breast is worked, but many of the exercises also require a work of arms, back, and even core, so combining these anaerobic exercises with some aerobic, we will be able to tone the entire body.

The muscular structure of a woman’s chest is similar to that of a man. The woman has the pectoral muscles behind the mammary glands. The function of this muscle group is to hold these glands. The firmness of the chest will depend significantly on its durability and strength.

It is necessary to clarify that the exercises for the chest, do not serve to increase the pectorals. We will not raise a size, nor is it intended. The goal is for muscle fibers to recover firmness and elasticity, and visually the chest does not appear so droopy.

Exercises to firm the breasts

 Chest bottoms.

They are the usual push-ups. You can perform them by supporting the knees or just the toes (in iron position). The hands are supported on the sides of the shoulders, a little below your collarbone. Flex your elbows and lower your body parallel to the ground as much as you can. Don’t get to touch the ground. Go back up and repeat ten times. 3 Series with a minute of rest between each one chest exercises for women .

Work both arms and chest, and if you keep your abs contracted, you will also be working the core. If you dare, you could combine them with dominated ones with open hugs. They are very intense!

Dumbbell incline bench press.

Lie on a somewhat inclined bench, not completely horizontal. Take a dumbbell of two kilos in each hand. Place them at chest level with elbows bent out. Stretch and flex your elbows without support.

Inspire to exhale when stretching—20 times three series with one-minute rest. If instead of on a bench, you do it on a ball, you will also work legs and abdomen, and the exercise will be complete.

Full turns

Lying on your back, with a dumbbell of two Kilos in each hand on the belly. Bring the arms extended above the head, open the wings in a circle until they meet again. 20 times 3 Series with one-minute rest.

Lateral openings.

With a dumbbell of two kilos in each hand, stand with your legs open the width of your hips and your knees slightly bent. You advanced hip Head-up—arms along the body. Raise your arms straight to your shoulders. Once there, make small turns back and forth. Go down and repeat the exercise—20 times 3 Series with one-minute rest.

Dumbbell bridge

Face up knees bent, and feet open the width of the hips. One dumbbell in each hand. Cross arms Raise the pelvis and contract the buttocks.

Maintaining that position raises the arms stretched to bring the sides together and goes back down without resting on the floor. 20 times 3 Series with one-minute rest. This exercise will work not only pectorals but glutes, quadriceps, and abdominals—an all in one.

Iron in motion.

Place yourself in an iron position with straight arms. Holding the area, walk sideways four steps. For two seconds and walk to the other side. Repeat ten times. 3 Series

Tilt openings.

Standing with feet together. A dumbbell or two kilos in each hand. Tilt the trunk and drop the stretched arms forward. In that position, open your arms, flexing your elbows slightly until they reach shoulder height. Go back down and repeat 20 times. 3 Series

Stretching pectorals.

To finish the routine, stretch the muscles you have worked. Stand up and take your hands behind your back. Stretch your arms back and notice the stretch in your chest and shoulders. Hold on for 30 seconds.

Here Are Some More Exercises

Chest press

To perform this exercise, you have to lie on the floor, a bench, or other surfaces. Then, holding a dumbbell in each hand or a weight-laden weight training bar, the arms should be extended upwards without taking off the shoulders from the surface. After the extension, you must lower them again.

During the entire movement, the hands should be perpendicular to the elbows. The more together the angles of the trunk are, the more effective the exercise will be.


Lying on a surface and with the feet resting on the ground, we must take a dumbbell with each hand or both. We have to extend the arms vertically chest exercises for women over the chest to lower them and bring them up to behind the head, slightly flexing the elbows. In this case, the shoulders cannot be detached from the surface either.

Dumbbell Openings

You have to lie on a surface, preferably a bench, with dumbbells in each hand. We must keep the arms slightly bent vertically to the body and over the chest, to continue separating the arms from the body until reaching the height of the shoulders and bringing the elbows below them.

Always with the arms aligned with each other and perpendicular to the body. At the end of the movement, we return the arms to the center of the body with the dumbbells above the chest. Then, we have to return to the first movement.

Push up

To start the exercise, we must place ourselves in an iron position, with the hands below the shoulders and the arms stretched. Next, we must lower the body, flexing our elbows, until we lie on the floor. At this point, it only remains to push against the ground to recover the initial position and repeat it as many times as we want.

Whenever in doubt, consult a sports monitor. That way, you’ll be sure that you do it right. These exercises designed to improve firmness and strengthen the female bust, but men can also work the pecs with this same training. Take note.

Openings With Mancuesrnas

You have to be in a supine position with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then, with a dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms up without taking your shoulders off the floor and make sure your sides are perpendicular to your chest.

Inhale and lower your hands with your elbows slightly bent until you touch the ground with them, leaving your hands 5 cm from the ground. Then, exhale and raise your arms to the starting point.

Squeezing The Chest

This exercise begins in the same position as the previous one. You have to start with chest exercises for women dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms up without taking your shoulders off the floor. You have to have your hands prone in the perpendicular of your chest.

Inhale and lower your hands, flex the elbows at 45 ° of the body, leaving the hands in the perpendicular with the angle.

Exercises to Keep Your Chest Strong

Side Iron With Arm Gear

– This exercise is excellent for toning the shoulders and the core. Follow the next steps:

– Place yourself in an iron position

– Your hands should be under your shoulders and your body forming a straight line.

– Cross your right hand over the left and start to move.

– At the same time, move your feet one after the other, keeping you in a straight-line position.

– Make two steps or two more crossings to the right, making a total of three stages. When you complete the three steps to the right, you complete a series.

– Make a total of 12 series, six series on the right, and six on the left.

Reverse openings with inclination.

With this exercise, you strengthen your back and improve your posture. To do it: Stand up

– Take your weights in each hand

– Bend your knees slightly, keeping your back flat.

– Lean forward a little.

– Lift both arms to the sides, maintaining a slight flexion at the elbows.

– Lower your arms until you reach your legs.

– Do 12 reps

Knee chest stretch

To do this exercise, follow these steps:

– Get on your knee

– Sit on your heels.

– Lean back, arching your back and place the palms of your hands on the floor.

– Press your hands firmly on the floor and raise your chest height

– Press your hands firmly on the story to increase your chest height.

– To arch your back more, drop your head back.

– Hold the position for 30 seconds.

– Chest stretch for a firmer chest

Benefits of Doing Chest Exercises

Now, we have known how to do chest exercises for women. But, we all have one question on our mind that what are the benefits of doing these exercises. Don’t we? Well, we certainly do have.

Don’t Worry! We have the answers for that also. Here are some reasons for which we have to do chest exercises:

It improves posture:

The pecs are one of the most prominent muscle groups in our body. The pecs perform a significant role in maintaining a very high posture. In addition to shoulder muscles and a back, your pecs help to stabilize the shoulder joint.

Greater Breathing:

In addition to improving your sexual posture, strengthening and lengthening chest muscles helps support breathing. That is because the pecs are attached.

Breast Care:

Contrary to the common belief that performing chest workouts may create breasts doing routine exercises may do the exact reverse. It also really can help to provide raise by building muscle around the breast tissue.

Regular Perks:

Even if it’s the case that you never get that, you utilize your pecs an awful lot throughout activities. Anything that involves pushing, holding, squeezing, or lifting calls on your pecs; so that it doesn’t hurt to have a little advantage in that muscle category.


Doing physical exercises are fundamental. And when it comes to chest exercising, you just can’t neglect it as a woman. It can help you in various ways, as we described.

We have summarized some of the best chest exercises for women and the benefits of them also. Do read them carefully and make the most of it by doing them regularly.



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