7 reasons you don’t want stone veneer siding

stone veneer siding
Luxury new construction home with stone veneer siding boasts high porch with stone columns, two garage spaces and concrete driveway.

We all are living in a house where we spent most of the time. A house is like a relaxing space for us. We all have to busy all day long. After a busy day, we come back home and want some peace and relaxation. Home is our second love and life. We go anywhere from the house, all we want to come back to our house.

They have some fascination with our house. We want to decorate it as like as our choice. Every corner of our house is like a relaxing space for us. We invest so much money to make it beautiful. Also, we want to give our house an extraordinary look so that the passerby will like this house. If your house is beautiful enough then it will make your happiness and increase inner peace.

Also, you will get some compliments from the people. When guests or relatives come to visit your hour house, the beauty of your house increases the self-respect of yours to them.  Making a house is not an easy task. You have to know enough all the purpose you need to know about making a house. Which design you want to give your house or which material you are using is to know details about it. Also, you have to find the best designer or architecture for your house.

The most important thing is, you have to concern about the durability of your house. Making a house is not an easy task. It is a lengthy process and expensive too. So you have to know more about house making before making a house.

It will help us to make the right decision.

Life is upgrading also their choices. People are now like to make their house uniquely. They all want to give their house an extraordinary look. For this, they are using different technologies and different systems.

They are now more concerned about the durability of the house. How much cost and time will need to make a house they know it now. They all want a system of making a house that will be cost-effective. Using material must need to durable too. Different kinds of siding are now popular to make a house.

It will give the house an amazing look. It has so many designs and so many kinds. That will increase the beauty of any house. Not only house but people are also using it to build a school, a collage, etc what they want to build. It is very popular nowadays. You can choose your favorite material with your favorite design for your house or apartment.

But before using this siding material, you should know about the material. How it will look when you are using it in your house is most important. All the materials may not suitable for any kind of place. So, you have to keep in mind this thing.

Also, you have to concern the cost. You should choose the siding material with keep in mind the budget of yours. Budget and choice both are important. The design of siding is important too. If you have an aesthetic mind you can go for a unique one for your house. We all want to make our house beautiful.

There are many kinds of house siding with different designs and colors. For example- vinyl siding, metal siding, brick siding, fiber cement siding, etc. You have to choose the right house siding for your house.

All kinds of siding may not perfect in all aspects. You can compromise some issues without the issue of durability. Because, if you are using a house siding that is not durable, can create so many accidents. It could be a reason for a big loss.

You are spending money on making the house beautiful.

But if your using material is not durable, then you are just wasting your money too. Also, you have to conscious about the price of house siding. You should know that if you can effort it or not. Then you can choose your preferred one for your house. It will be a very wise decision to think about everything before making a house. Some people love wooden siding but some people love to build their house with vinyl siding.

There are different kinds of people with different thoughts. But all are they conscious about the durability and cost of the material when they are supposed to build a house. People are fascinated about making houses it’s true but they also think that how much money they are spending on it.

Is it cost-effective or not. That is a good and great thing to think about everything before taking any kind of big step. House making is a big step. So, you need more consciousness about it.

There is another house siding called stone veneer siding. It is made of any kind of thin stone. The stones have so many colors and shapes.

That can give a house an attractive look.

People can choose their favorite shapes and design for their houses if they want to build their house by stone veneer. People are also using it to make a house or apartment. It will help you to give your house a sophisticated look.

It will look so amazing if your house is building with stone veneer siding. This is very popular nowadays. That has an attractive look that’s why people love it. Its great texture and shapes can impress anyone and win their heart.

But all kinds of materials have some advantages and disadvantages. Stone veneer siding has some. But experts recommend that not using it for making a house. It may cause so many problems in your life.  As we are now much concerned than before, we don’t want to use any kind of house siding that will spoil our money and time too.

If it is not durable than it will be a loss project. Nowadays, people want to avoid stone veneer siding to make their houses. Because it may cause so many problems in various ways. We will discuss 7 reasons not to using veneer siding for your house.

These are given below-

  1. This is so much expensive.
  2.  It is not so durable.
  3. It is not cost-effective.
  4. Mold and mildew can grow there.
  5. Installation is not easy.
  6. It cannot bear any load.
  7. It can leakage so easily.

The description of these reasons for not using stone veneer siding is given below-

It is so much expensive-

Stone veneer siding is very expensive than another veneer siding. It is very pricy. Many people cannot afford it to make their houses. It has an extraordinary look but as it is so much expensive, all the people cannot decide to make their house by it.

When you are supposed to build a house, you have to consider the price issue. Making a building is a long process. You have to spend money on various sectors. For example- labor cost, other settlement cos. If you are spending a big portion of your money only on buying and installing stone veneer siding then you will have to face so many problems. You have to think about the budget.

It is not so durable- 

Before making a house, you have to ensure the durability of using the material. We all are spending most of the time at our house. We live here for keeping ourselves safe from the natural disaster. If our house is not enough durable, then it will call the danger for us. We will face many dangers for it. So, we must build a house that is durable enough. Also, in many houses, there are kids. If your house is not enough durable, then kids can be affected so easily by it. Adults can save themselves but kids cannot. Before making a house you have to ensure that the using material of your house is making your house durable enough so that can fight against any kind of natural disaster. So we should not use it as our house siding.

It is not cost-effective- 

We have to consider about the price issue. When we are investing money in making a house, we have to ensure that that is cost-effective. We are building a house but if it is destroyed very soon then our investment will be wasted. We should not use stone veneer house siding because it is so much expensive but it is not so durable.

That is only the money-wasting process. Also, we have to spend much time on it, as it is not cost-effective; we are killing our valuable time too. It does not give us proper service. We shouldn’t decide to use it for building our house.

Mold and mildew can grow there-

 We all are tensed about the mold and mildew. Many diseases are caused by mold and mildew. Also, it creates an unhygienic environment. Stone veneer siding creates this kind of unhygienic things. Mold and mildew can easily grow there. Usually, mold can grow in stone. As this siding is created by stone, mold, and mildew can easily grow there. It also ruins the looks of your house. Your house will not look attractive anymore if mold and mildew grow there. We should avoid stone veneer siding for making our house.

Installation is not easy- 

The installation process of the stone veneer is not easy. It will take so much time for installation. Also, you have to pay a big amount of money for the installation. After all this, it is not durable. Any kind of accident may cause any time. The stone veneer siding is made with a thin piece of stone with various shapes. All the stone is not the same shapes. That’s why it is difficult to install perfectly. Also, it is very hard to find installation defects. It may cause many damages to your home.

It cannot bear any load-

 As this stone veneer cannot install properly, it cannot bear any kind of heavy kinds of stuff. Windows and doors are attached to the siding. As this stone veneer siding can easily be crashed, it may damage the doors and windows. It is made of lightweight simulated stone products. This is not load-bearing material. That may cause big accidents. People may injure it. Also, it can damage the roof as well as the window and door. As it cannot bear any load, a roof can easily damage it.

Can leakage so easily- 

The stone veneer siding has not filled the gap when it arranged to make a house. Also, it cannot bear a heavy load. So, it can leakage so easily. If our house siding is leaked, then water may come into the house when it is rainy season. Not only that, but many kinds of insects can also come into the house.

This is very disgusting. It also a big problem for security purposes. As this is not so durable, a thief can easily enter the house. When it is the rainy season, raindrops can easily enter the house. We are afraid of insects. Especially the little kids. If there any leakage in our wall siding, any kind of insects can enter our house and

will create an annoying situation.

We all are living in a house. All we want our house will be the best in all aspects. It is may not possible to make everything perfect in all aspects. But we cannot deny the main aspects. The wise thing is we have to concern before making any decision and know before using any material in our house.

The stone veneer house siding is attractive enough but it is not the perfect Manufacturing material for making a house. If we use it then we have to face those problems. So, for making a beautiful house with durability, we should skip the decision of making the house using stone veneer house siding.



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