Cody Wilson arrested in Houston for having Sex with an Underage Girl

Cody Wilson arrested in Houston

The owner of a Texas-based company selling 3-D printed guns; Cody Wilson was arrested in Taiwan and brought back in the United States on Sunday. Police said, he left the U.S after recognizing the initiation of an investigation for reportedly having sex with an underage girl.

NBC affiliate KPRC in Houston reported that the U.S Marshals Service confirmed the arrest of 30-years old Cody Wilson and sending him into Harris County Jail in Houston. He was bailed on late Sunday for $150,000.

The attorney of Wilson, Samy Khalil said in a statement on Sunday night. We are happy that Cody is back in Texas again, he said. We can work with him on his case and it’s our major focus.

Cody Wilson arrested


The U.S Marshals Service said in a statement that Wilson was arrested on Friday in Taiwan at a hotel by local police. He is facing charges about sexual assault in Austin.

Wilson is the owner of Austin-based Defense Distributed. He met the girl via a website They met in Austin coffee shop parking in the month of August. Wilson paid her $500 and they had sex after reaching a hotel, the girl confirmed in her affidavit. He then dropped her off at a Whataburger restaurant.

Nineteen States and the District of Columbia had sued the Trump administration to break down a settlement took place with the company. This settlement allowed the company to advertise its designs to manufacture a 3D-printable gun. Most Democratic state attorneys general said the weapons might be used by terrorists or criminal elements.


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