Harvest Moon Festival with Chinese and Lion Dancing

Harvest Moon Festival performances

The Harvest Moon Festival is celebrated in various forms not just in China, but in a number of other Asian countries including India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Festival offers to gather families and friends giving thanks for a productive harvest. People in Bendigo celebrate good fortune and integrity during the Harvest Moon Festival.

Harvest Moon Festival celebrated in Bendigo

This festival points a time when Chinese people return to their homes for gathering. They come together with family and friends in order to celebrate sympathetic relationships. People show their hope for endurance and success in the future.

Children started the annual celebrations bobbing with a parade of handmade Chinese lanterns for the Bendigo Chinese Association. The newest parade dragon, Gwong Loong got pride of place on the night. (meta-calculator.com)

Harvest Moon Festival

The Gwong Loong characterized the Flight of the Phoenix which started performing representing coordinated and peaceful relationships.

The Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation supported the Lion Dance and traditional Chinese Dance performances. A large number of people turned out to enjoy the celebrations in the Dai Gum San district.


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