Dark | All you Need to Know About the Season 2


Netflix is Bringing Another Season of its Sci-fi Thriller Series ” Dark ” to Once Again Wrench the Viewers in a Mystic and Dark Ever World Overruled by Time-Travel!

“Dark” is a Sci-fi Thriller Web Series which hit the Web World in 2017. The Series followed the mysterious events happening in the German town of Winden. The mystic happenings involve disappearing of people from the town. With the progression of Season, it unveiled most of the dark secrets.                                                                                          Time-Travelling came out to be the dark reason behind the mysterious disappearance of people from the town. The season follows storylines of 3 different times, 1953, 1958, and 2019. However, 2019 was the present time in which the mysterious happenings takes places. Hence, the series proceeds ahead with an outburst and urge to grapple the Time-travel’s dark mystery.

Now Netflix is to bring the Season 2 of “Dark” on June 21, 2019.                               It will consist of 10 episodes. 

Dark Season 2 will affrightentain ( frighten and entertain ) the fans with some more thrilled and chilled adventures followed by time-travel’s dark’mystic twists and turns.

As per the expectation, Season 2 will follow the chain of sequences from season 1. As, at the end of season 1, the viewers witnessed the transport of Jonas through time-travel to 2052, the time far later than the present time. Instead of being in 2019, Jonas finds himself in a post-apocalyptic Winden in the year 2052. This was the point where Season 1 ended. Hence, in season 2 viewers will witness more dark secrets and happenings in the post-apocalyptic Winden following the year 2052. 

The makers have confirmed that the series will come to its conclusion in its season 3. Hence, it will indulge the viewers into an ever dark trail of enigmas fostered by time-traveling.     


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