Disneyland’s Halloween Treats Are Here, and You’re Gonna Want to Try Them All!

Disneyland's Halloween Treats

Disney hits the Halloween in a great way, especially in Disney costumes and treats. Varieties of various new recipes are here to cook and organize a very delicious dinner with your friends at Eve. Candy-corn milkshake, poison-apple, and the cupcakes are most favorite’s dishes at Halloween.

This year you have a lot of choices between the Disney food list and the Halloween treats. Just try these dishes to add more flavor to your fun.

Churro’s with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Very delicious Churro for the Halloween treats with chocolate dipping sauce. Try it to get a yummy flavor.

Halloween Pumpkin Anko Pie

When making a pie, it’s a good idea to poke the bottom dough with a fork so the air under it can rise instead of making bubbles on the bottom. Make a yummy sweet for Halloween treats.

Halloween Macarons

Very delicious and spooky sweet dish to celebrate the spookiest night this year.

Halloween Brownie Bites

These are too adorable, easy to make, that one made all laugh. Have a very tasty Halloween, this year!

Halloween Doughnuts

You can scream with the donut eyeballs and the bloopers. It is very cool and simple idea.

Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Whoopi Pies

It is very easy and yummy to make a treat for friends at Halloween. The perfect treat for kids!

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Recipe

Here’s an idea. Dip the whoopie pies in melted chocolate (add some toppings optional) and leave it to set to make a nice chocolaty crust on the outside.


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