Douglas Pitassi of Pacific Office Automation on Ways to Maintain Your Office Equipment


High-quality office equipment creates the difference between seamless productivity and endless frustration. If you’ve taken your time, efforts, and resources and invested in state-of-the-art office equipment, you want to take care of them to prevent costly repairs. According to Doug Pitassi, the president of Pacific Office Automation, knowing how to care for each piece of equipment is the first step to smooth operation for many years. Pitassi, who joined the company 30 years ago, further notes that there are many ways you can keep your machines in optimal condition. He highlights a few of them.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Every office equipment comes with an owner’s manual, points out Douglas Pitassi. To keep each piece of equipment in tip-top condition, you must familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s basic care tips. If you cannot find the printed manual, you can find it online. The instruction manual should provide details for usage, cleaning, and maintenance.

Keep them clean

One of the best ways to keep machines working efficiently is to keep them clean at all times. Remember, each piece of equipment has its cleaning guidelines. Check the recommended cleaning products to avoid damaging sensitive parts or components such as buttons, screens, and electrical.

According to Doug Pitassi, most office equipment doesn’t require water use. That means introducing any unwanted liquid on them can be catastrophic. Therefore, you may want to set strict rules, such as “no coffee near the printers,” to prevent accidents that could damage the machines.

Think carefully about placement

Most office machines are delicate. You need to keep them in an area where they’re less likely to be affected by various factors like temperature and sunlight. For instance, scanners, printers, and copiers should never be in direct sunlight. You also want to lower the chances of spills on them by keeping them far from break rooms and other areas where food and drinks are served. You also need to place them in places they’re unlikely to get knocked on by people or objects, such as next to doors or windows.

Check for damage more often.

Don’t wait until a machine breaks down, as the repair will likely be expensive. Instead, Douglas Pitassi recommends checking for loose screws, misplaced covers, broken seals, and other small details that could lead to damage or machine breakdown. If you get a new machine, thoroughly check to ensure everything is in place and working correctly to eliminate the chances of factory defects.

Work with best

When you purchase your equipment, you will need to service and update it to improve efficiency and productivity continuously. That means you only need to buy from the best companies and hire the best office equipment service provider in your area. Purchasing from big companies is beneficial as most are keen on updating their customers about the latest upgrades. That’s why you may want to buy your office equipment from high-end companies like Pacific Office Automation, which stays up to date with the latest updates in technology and best practices.



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