Euphoria Episode 6: Here is Everything that you want to know about the next episode

Euphoria trailer

Here we’ll talk about the Euphoria season 1 episode 6. but before going ahead, let’s discuss some last show. We saw many good moments and a lot of bad for Maddy and Nate.

We were having second thoughts, and both were under police investigation. They might have something that could end up in jail. On another side, Kate was not giving damn about Ethan even when he was in problems.

She was looked happy with her new lifestyle. In the same way, she was not giving too much attention to Daniel. Therefore she was keeping distance to focus more on the relationship with McKay.

Let’s now talk about the next episode details.
Rue’s is a good girl, and her behavior was building more pressure on Jules.

Well, the season has aired its five episodes, and now the sixth one is going to release this week. It will release on 21 July 2019. You can watch on HBO channel at 10 pm. the title of episode 6 is “yes, you read that right.”

In the next one, we’ll see Rue is worried about her trust in Jules. Jules is not entirely happy and keeps Rue’s secret. She faced a lot of problems.

McKay also worried about his football career. Maybe it is the reason why Cassie will be seeing Daniel after a weird night with him. On the other side, Kate has distance from Ethan.

You can also watch at HBO GO and HBO Now app. besides, DirecTV Now and Hulu also broadcast the Euphoria season.


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