Everything You Need To Know About ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Season 6

Fortnite: Battle Royale' Season 6
Image Source: The Independent

Since it is the closing time of Season 5 Fortnite; all the secrets will be revealed soon. However, season 6 will put you in more confusion and curiosity.

Fortnite added Android and Nintendo Switch platforms last season. This reflects that a number of players are in a loop having no information regarding the working methodology.

However, if you also come in the list so don’t worry. Multiple things are going on in the, but its optimum priority is based on season organizing principle.

We are here to help you know everything related to Fortnite: Batte Royale Season 6.

A new battle pass:

Each season is fundamentally based on this feature. After 10 weeks, the masterminds of Game release a new battle pass. It’s a purchase of around $10 coming in stacks along gliders, a wealth of skins, pickaxes, and several other cosmetics.

You cannot take them abruptly, but need to reach a level by confronting hard challenges. Also, know that you are able to see the challenges after buying the pass. This serves as a prime monetization strategy of Fortnite.

There is always an opportunity of getting level u, all you need is to buy the pass.

When does it start:

Genuinely, it was going to start earlier this week. However, it will start on September 27 that is Thursday; confirmed now.

The theme:

Each season follows a definite theme that notifies not only the skins present in the skin but also other changes other attendants and plot points to add a thrill.

The new theme is anticipated to be enriched with purple and have a bouncy feel, from watching the trailer. However, for knowing the actual theme we need to wait until Thursday morning.


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