Excellent tips for Fishing… That make You A Perfect Angler!

bass fishing
Image Credit: Mark Rose Fishing

Fishing is not an easy task. Many people have a hobby of fishing. Especially, people living in northern areas would like to bass fishing. Because there are much of rivers and they have more chances to catch fishes directly from the water of the river. Some special techniques are required to catch the fishes otherwise you can’t trap them normally more info.

Here are some good tips that can make fishing easy and contented for you.  And all these tips make you how to become a better fisher.

Save Worms

When your artificial worms get shabby and old just save them. The fishes like to trap the wounded prey, therefore a battered worm is ideal to use, particularly in shallow water.

Red Fools the Fish

Red color always compels the fish to eat. So, try to use red color bait to catch a fish rather than to green grass or other things. Because when a fish saw red color it thought that it is injured bait. So, the fish bite it at once and trapped.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp

Always keep you rod hooks sharp. Even after every trip, you need to sharpen it so that it catches the fish at once. Because fishes have sharp jaws and a sharp hook is more appropriate for fishing.

Be A Versatile Angler

The main cause for failing in fishing is being of a one-sided angler. You have to be multi-dimensional for being a good angler. Try new places for fishing and get new methods, experience, and techniques for fishing.

And always try to catch a fish in clear water. Grubby and dirty water doesn’t have enough fishes in it.

Shave Your Swimmer’s Bill

Shaving your swimmers’ bills works great. Here is an extra one. Turn that rubber worm into a deadly top water jig. By simply running a hook thru an earplug and stopping it at the eye of your hook. Then you can fix your worm, grub, craw, etc. It works great as well.

Use Of Permanent Marker

It is a great tip about using a permanent marker to dress up your soft bait. That can be a great way to make your tackle look more realistic. It is good to mention that the colors will fade and bleed over time to make them look more realistic and attractive to fish. You have heard too, that making the lure wiggle in the water will make fish more likely to bite.

Use Plastic Kitchen pads

It’s better to use plastic kitchen scrubbing pads to get a better grip on eels, rather than using tee-shirts or other stuff. These plastic scrubbing pads help you hold onto fish. It is a very amazing technique to catch the fish and save your money. Kitchen scrubbing pads for a better grip on eels are an all-time great idea!

Cut Off The Tail Fin

cut the bottom half of the tail fin off with a circular cut. This makes the bunker (menhaden) look like it was injured by a bluefish. Cutting the bottom half of the tail makes the bunker swim downward.


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