Exploring Enduro: Excitement on two wheels

Exploring Enduro: Excitement on two wheels

For anyone who loves bikes, riding is fun, regardless of the type of bike or where we happen to be.  From the simplest dirt bike to the latest electric road bike, they all give us that feeling of freedom,  but some rides offer more.  

It is competition that some turn to, adding that extra excitement, and with so many different racing  styles, there is plenty of choice. Competition also drives bike design, shaping the types of bikes we  get access to outside the racetrack too. 

One of the most exciting of these is Enduro. The races are fantastic, blending the best of dirt bike all terrain performance with the need for reliable, relatively comfortable riding, Enduro has been setting  

standards since the 1940s. Even if you don!t want to race, these bikes are something to aspire to as well. As at home covered with dirt bike graphics on an offroad course as they are on a cruise along  the costal highway, an Enduro bike can be almost anything you want.  

Enduro has driven advances in bike technology 

Because the racing itself covers vastly different terrain and, as the name implies, requires bikes that  can offer reliability and endurance for the long stages, Enduro has been at the cutting edge of bike  tech since its early days.  

Classic brands such as Maico and CZ led the way, followed by Triumph, Moto Guzzi, BMW and more.  There have been bikes built around Wankel rotary engines that were not so successful, and  innovations in suspension that we take for granted today. The focus on high power and torque at  lower revs not only helps in racing, but make these bikes extremely controllable for daily use too. 

With all the off-road capabilities most of us need and the equipment for street legal use, these bikes  make a great choice for any rider. But are they exciting? 

Back in the 50!s, when Triumph were setting new standards with the TR6 SC, an early adopter of that bike was Steve McQueen. Maybe the coolest man to ever live. He knew. 

Raceday performance for everyone 

While they may not have the motocross graphics of the out and out racer dirt bikes, enduro bikes can  be just as much fun off road. The difference is, you can happily ride to the track, have some fun, and  then ride back home again. You could just go exploring off the beaten track, or take a road trip too,  these bikes can do it all. 

But what makes them so exciting, is that underneath all that capability, you have race-ready  technology and performance. Commuting to work puts that immediate power delivery right there,  so you can carve lines and zip between slower traffic with ease. Off road, that race derived  suspension keeps everything under control, and you have the power to overcome any challenge. 

An enduro bike turns a daily journey into something special. It is always exciting because at its heart,  and enduro bike is a race bike, whether you are competing or heading out to pick up a pizza.

They look exciting too 

Enduro bikes look fantastic. They have all the upright, in your face appeal of a dirt bike while having  compromises that make them better to ride in most situations. Add some custom dirt bike graphics on one and you are ready to race. 

If you love dirt bikes, then an enduro is going to appeal too, and you can use them daily for anything.  But what makes them so much fun is what enduro means. Adventure, going anywhere, taking on any  challenge. That is at the core of these bikes, and that is what makes them so exciting for every rider. 

Whatever you are using the bike for, you know that there is the opportunity to do anything. But  importantly, these bikes are so capable, that it feels like you can do anything too. It!s racing bike pedigree, easy riding comfort and overall assuredness in every situation all wrapped up in a great  looking package.  

Enduro bikes distill the essence of everything we love about bikes into a machine you can use every  day if you want to. Fun, excitement, adventure, they bring it all.


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