Fiberglass & Composite Manufacturing Material Design Guide


In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on fiberglass and composite manufacturer material design that can blow your mind. What are composite materials you may ask? We’ll cover that as well, and explain how they’re used in professional workplaces and automated areas when you click here. The composite industry has advanced a lot further than just using wood, bamboo, steel, and bone, and now it’s one of the main things used when it comes to producing quality composites for your business.

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What is a Composite?

A composite is literally two or more materials that are mixed together to provide you a quality durable product that can be very famously known. Kevlar, for example, is a composite material, as is epoxy, polyurethane, and more. Even fiberglass is considered a composite material.

With a variety of textures available, a composite material can be used for numerous applications in all ranges of life, and some can even be mixed with varying levels of resin to make them harder, and more widely durable than others. For example, Kevlar is extremely solid, despite its flexibility, and is stronger than say, fiberglass itself.

Ways to Make Composites

There are multiple ways that composites are made, from vacuum infusion processes to the basic painting, compression molding, chopper gun spray up, regular hand lamination, custom assembly, and much more. When you look into a company like Performance Composites Inc. for example, they can handle numerous types of composites and will give you the assistance you need to make sure the process you select is the best for you. You can also go for first article inspections from a different provider.

Composite Tooling

Fabricating parts that are nearly indestructible from fiberglass, to other moldings are actually fabricated with your CAD files into machines for production to create things like molds, and more. You can actually use fiberglass & resin to create the same exact composite molds, just like you would with a stainless steel one for pipe fittings for example. And these are often more cost-effective, as stainless steel precision tools for production use (no, we’re not talking about tools, but the actual die-cast tools that are used in things like hydroformers, and more.

What Materials Are Often Made?

Many items are made with composites. For example, you can have panels for vent ducts, or even panels for MRI machines, and more. Fiberglass composite is a great tool when it comes to medical facilities because it can be molded to make some of your most advanced technological equipment in the hospital.

Aside from this, composites can make industrial machinery for factories and other production facilities, and even more, products are things such as carnival rides, police vehicles, and even home furnishings can be made from composite materials.


Composites have been around for a long time, and with the advances in technology, more plastic, fiberglass, and resin applications have been made, as well as advances even in metal composites, which are kind of in a league of their own. But what’s most important is that composites are actually created to make the world a better place, and they’re more corrosion resistant than regular materials. Even most cars today are made with a fiberglass composite.


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