Top Interior Design and Decoration Hacks for Your Home

Interior Design

Whether it is your new house or your old house, you would always want to keep your home neat and clean. Interior decoration plays an important role in transforming a house into a home. It put a soul into building space and makes it more pleasant for you to reside in your home. Every house owner would have to know some basic interior design and decoration tricks that would be cost-effective and would require minimal efforts.

Sometimes even the smallest object in your home would be able to make a huge impact on the surrounding. It could be anything such as the addition of lamp, plants, painting, or a large mirror. Every object in your home would have an impact on the whole interior decoration of your house.

Here are some of the clever interior designing hacks that could inspire you in your quest to decorate your residence.    

Addition of wicker baskets

Adding wicker baskets in the living room is a great way to increase the storage space and give it a rugged look. Wicker baskets are very sturdy and incredibly practical. These baskets could be used either for displaying or storing book and magazines. Placing the baskets near the fireplace for storing towels or blankets would make the fireplace more homely. You could also use small size wicker baskets in your kitchen or dining space for storing fruits or vegetables. These baskets are light in weight, and you would be able to buy very cheaply.

Plant in-door plants

Plant in-door plants

Adding green plants would be another great idea that would help you in decorating your home. You could add green plants to every room to them greener. Adding plants in your house is an inexpensive way to add both texture and color. There are several plants that are suitable to grow in your house and would also bloom occasionally. These plants would also act as the natural air refresher and would also balance the humidity present in your home. There are many plants that also have additional effects, such as anti-pest properties. Planting these kinds of plants would not only make your home greener but would also deter pests from coming into your house.  

Cover your floors with rugs

If your floor is made out of hardwood, then covering them with rugs would be a great idea. These rugs would increase ambiance present in your living room. During the winter season, these rugs would be able to provide sufficient warmth to you. Addition of rugs to your house would also give nice color and texture effects to your residence. In the market, you would find several kinds of rugs that would have different kinds of patterns and designs. You could also use simple and light color rugs to cover the flooring of your house. It would feel great to walk on these rugs with your bare feet during the winter or rainy reason.   

Add color to slipcovers

Adding beautiful slipcovers would be the best way to change the look of the living room. Changing to new slipcovers would completely change the look of the furniture in your living rooms. Interior decorator would generally advise changing slipcovers every month. Not only it would reflect the changing month, but it would also be good for the health and hygiene of your family. These slipcovers are very easy to change and wash; thus, you would not have to worry about children or people dirtying or spilling on your furniture. People generally use white color for a slipcover, which would give the air of sophisticated elegance and would make your living space more comfortable and casual.

Mix both old and new items

If you have some old antique, then it would be best to take them out and place in a spot that catches everyone’s attention. According to the top interior designer, the most important thing to consider while decorating your house would be the message; you want to deliver to your visitors. Displaying these old antiques would define your personality and your personal style. Each antique piece has its own story to tell, and when they are placed with modern items, they create an ambiance that is unique in nature. This is also applied to both artwork and designer works that might be both old and new. Mixing up both new and old items would bring texture and warmth in your living space.

Use light color to paint the walls of your room

paint the walls

If you have small living room then applying lighter color paint would be the best option. A small size living room would get cramped up, as there would be several types of furniture present in this room. Having large windows would allow an ample amount of light to come inside your home, which would make your living space look larger. You could also use large mirrors for reflecting lights in your home. This would illuminate your living room and would make your house look brighter. But with dark wall color would make your living area more boxed and would appear to be smaller in size.

Use your old accessories

This is another cheap and inexpensive way of decorating your house. We always have some accessories that are packed away in some boxes. Therefore instead of running to the store to buy new items, it would be best to reuse your old accessories. Wooden trays, metal items, acrylic items could be placed upon tea-carts, luggage racks, and on the top of the trunks. Arrange old candle frames on top of either dining table or fireplace. Old plates could be used for creating wonderful wall art. Old pieces of art could be hanged in children rooms or in nurseries. With your old pieces, you would be able to create new accessories.    

These are some of the tips and tricks you could use for transforming your plain house into a warm home. These tricks are cheap, and most of them would not require any external help. Therefore, next time, while decorating your house, keep these points in your mind.


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