Get UK Visa: 10 Tips on Select the Right Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

If we are in a mission to find a reliable UK immigration lawyer, the task may be quite burdensome for us. Visiting the UK might be a need, at some point in our life. We need a passport obviously, but we will also need a visa. Clearing all the formalities for getting a visa and finally getting one is often a difficult task. The visa might not be sanctioned due to some reason or the other. Often, the formalities are not clear to us and we might make an unintentional mistake. This is the point when a lawyer is of great help. Following certain tips will also help us avoid unnecessary wastage of time and other complications.

The tips

  1. Involving in the right amount of research

A good amount of research helps us in doing anything with proper information under our sleeves. Similarly, finding out a good  UK Immigration Lawyers for getting a UK visa done, also becomes easy if we do extensive research. The best place to know about the lawyer is his home office website. If he has a firm or an office, he will always have a website which will give us proper information about the work he has done and the cases he has solved. The research also helps us in knowing whether the firm is a legitimate one. The most important thing that we will come to know about the lawyer is whether he has proper licenses and accreditations to present our matter.

  1. Talking to a good number of lawyers and firms

We should never make the mistake of finalizing the only lawyer we talk to or meet with.  After going through the websites of some of them, we will be in a position to shortlist a few of them. E should take the efforts of talking to all of them and see whether they have the much-needed experience and expertise to deal with our type of case. Often talking to them in person, will help us to understand their temperament and confidence. This will help us to make sure that we chose the right candidate or firm to represent us.

  1. Organizing the documents

Collecting the proper documents is an essential step for every kind of official proceeding. We should be ready with all the documents which will help our lawyers to arrange for a well-prepared, detailed and timely application. When we are not ready with our documents, our case may get delayed and the process of getting the visa may be postponed forever. 

  1. Having a consultation

When we have shortlisted a firm or a lawyer, it is always good to talk to them in advance. When we are clear with our expectations from them, they also know in which direction to proceed. Talking to them also makes it easier for them to chart out tailor-made solutions for the specific needs we might have. When both the parties are aware of the direction in which the case should proceed, the process of getting the visa becomes much simpler.

  1. Do not settle for guarantees

Every good lawyer is always ready to provide good and honest advice. This will help us to understand our position. Often, we confront lawyers who provide guarantees and make everything appear very easily achievable. This might not be the case every time. There might be certain complications in the case. We should be aware of these false guarantees and settle for lawyers who seem to provide an honest picture of the situation.  

  1. Checking the fee structure

We should always settle for a fee which we will be able to pay. Again, market research is good in this regard, as it will help us to frame an idea of the standard market rates. The fees should not be too exorbitant, as well as, too low. We should come to a fee settlement, before the beginning of the proceedings, to avoid any kind of complication later on.

  1. Asking for references

It is always a good practice to ask for references from friends, colleagues and other acquaintances. Online reviews are also helpful to form a conclusion, as it helps us to get first-hand knowledge about the kind of service provided.

  1. Building a close relationship with the attorney

The visa is the first step to visit the United Kingdom. We have to go through the immigration services UK, to obtain it. An experienced and expert lawyer will be our guide through this process. Building a good relationship with the attorney is important so that he or she can serve our purpose to the best of the abilities.

  1. We should never stress

Getting a UK visa done is very important to visit or work in that state. Going through the United Kingdom immigration services is also a hectic process. If we prepare everything beforehand and find a good lawyer as our representative, we should be able to face everything with proper peace of mind.

  1. Hiring a lawyer who can speak our language

Often, language can be a barrier to streamlining the process of getting a UK visa. The lawyer we hire, should understand our language and help us in every possible way.


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